Beginner - Jewelry Making!

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  1. My boyfriends sister recently got me interested in making my own jewelry. She bought a kit and started making earrings that are absolutely adorable and really in-style.
    I figured why not start up the hobby myself, plus it'll save me money on actually buying I was wondering if anyone else on here made their own jewelry and if they could help get me started?

    What will I need (supplies)?
    How to I even begin?
    What's the easiest piece of jewelry to start with?
    and any other pointers?

    I'd like to stick to just making mostly earrings and necklaces. Then once I've gotten the hang of it move on to more ideas.:biggrin:
  2. you'll want to head over to the jewelry thread that is already been starting. if you skim through it'll give you some ideas on how you can start and there are also some helpful tips in there.

    the most basic thing to start with is an elastic bracelet, and then maybe work your way up to a wire bracelet and then on to other complex pieces with different findings.

    when I started I had someone to show me how. perhaps you could see what kind of books are out there... there are some places online that will show you the basics..or even try to find some local bead stores that might offer different classes.

    your essential tools will end up being different sets of pliars to do different functions, you can usually find sets at craft stores that come with 3-4 tools in each set and you can find some that are fairly inexpensive.

    head over to the other jewelry thread and you'll learns lots of stuff :smile:
  3. You can search youtube for tutorials and websites like fire mountain gems, artbeads, fusionbeads and auntiesbeads have tutorials and helpful hints about how to create items, too.