Beginner Collection

  1. I always thought a purse was something to just to hold your things...but these past few years I realized (with the help of my best friend!) handbags is MUCH more than that!:yahoo:
    I :heart: browsing PF's Bag Showcase!:greengrin:
    I just had to add my collection too!
    I just started my collection, some high end bags and some no names. I won't be able to add more right now til next year or when there is a GOOD sale!
    Hope you like them as much as I do!:smile:

    Clutches.JPG LV, Mexx, BR, Prada, Coach
    Shecky.JPG From local designers.
    Brand.JPG Longchamp, Prada, Gucci, Burberry
    Tod.JPG Tod's
  2. great 'beginner collection'!
  3. yeah, love ur tod by the way.... cute collection to start with of course..
  4. Great collection! I love the LV wallet and the green wristlet :heart:33 Is that white bag on top of the Gucci the Burberry? Its so cute!
  5. nice collection!
  6. Lovely collection, especially the LV wallet !
  7. Thanks everyone!!!


    Looking at hangbags make me feel a little better everytime I feel down, I am so glad I came upon this forum!

  8. Yup, its Burberry
  9. Great collection!
  10. These are great! Love the color of that Tod's...yummy.
  11. nice collection!
  12. great start to your collection, thanks for sharing.
  13. You have a great start on your collection. Love the LV wallet and the white bag is very cute.
  14. wonderful collection.. very well rounded! I love the local designer bag with the flowers on it - it's totally unique! :biggrin:
  15. Very nice