Beginner agility class in San Fernando Valley

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  1. One of my malteses, wants to try agility. Well, actually, I think it would be fun and cute for a maltese to do it. The classes are open to all breeds. Anyone interested?

    There currently aren't enough dogs (they need 5) for a Saturday beginner class, but once there are enough, they are going to start the class. It'll be 5 Saturdays at 11am in Canoga Park, CA.
    Contact Point Agility

    Please let them know you are interested in the beginner agility class on Saturdays at 11am with Elaine Garvey.

    Please also post here if you are interested!
  2. Ooh - good luck, Agility is so much fun, you and your pup will love it! My DH and I volunteer helping out with Agility classes every weekend locally, and we love it - there's a super cute Maltese in our class right now, actually. I hope you get the people you need for the class ;)
  3. I wish my chi's would do it. One of my Chi's is the laziest dogs in the world. He would look at me, like are you crazy, I don't think so and just lay down. My little chi is scared of everything.
  4. Sabo, our Boxer, goes to agility classes. Not for competition but for self-confidence and socializing. He's surprisingly good at it.

    Good luck getting enough to hold the class.
  5. I hope you can find enough people/dogs to join the class! I'm on the wrong side of the country. We started agility last fall and have been doing it pretty much every Thursday since. Katie loves the running and jumping and has come so far in self confidence! I look forward to it.. makes me live in the moment and drop all my stresses of the week! I really think Katie and I are a better team and more trusting of each other because of it!
  6. Oh - I would love to come but unfortunately I'm not free for the next few Saturday mornings. My dog would probably hate the car ride - actually she's better since I got a four door car and can now roll down the rear window. Is there another one starting closer to the end of July maybe?
  7. Thanks everyone! So far, there is only one other dog who wants to sign up. :sad: They were hoping to start the class on 7/11, but since there aren't enough dogs, they are just going to keep waiting. The end of July may work since it isn't looking good for 7/11. I'm still hoping for more interest. Come on dog people, let's have some agility fun! ha ha
  8. Thanks, I guess my girl isn't going to be the first agility Maltese out there. Still hoping for more people to sign up!
  9. I think our dog needs more socializing even though we have two dogs. I'm hoping agility teaches her more discipline and to be more social around other dogs. I think she is going to love the course itself and I hope running it also teaches her more obedience while still having fun.
  10. This makes it sound like so much fun. I really hope they can get enough dogs for this class.