begin thinking of which bag for winter....

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  1. Which BV bag did you carry in winter?

    And another question, do you think it's appropriate to carry white bag in winter with black/grey coat??

    Thank you!!!
  2. I think the choice of winter color really depends on the type of winter you have. If I lived in California or Florida, a white bag seems to fit. But in Chicago, NY or another cold place, it seems out of place. I know all the rules of old are gone, but I personally would not feel right wearing a white bag with a winter coat. Now, an ivory (metallic mineral, for example) clutch for evening may be an exception.

    In winter, I can potentially carry any BV I have, except the white one, hehe.
  3. I will be carrying my ebano mini all winter.:heart::biggrin: I love my ottone in winter too.

    I'm in NJ and I'd carry a white bag when it snows, meaning, when it snows overnight and the sky clears the following morning, with bright sunshine and sparkling white snow on ground.

    But alas, I don't have a white BV. Which one do you have in mind??
  4. I'll still be wearing my ruggiada totes in nero and moro (hopefully) and try to stay focused on saving for a cabat. Unless another awesome sale pops up. Mid, didn't knowyou were in Jersey, I'm in the Philly suburbs, but my beach cottage is in Ocean City NJ.
  5. What if it rains?? I am so worried to wet my beloved Rame Veneta....
  6. Don't want to sound like some kind of brat but living in CA I don't ever think about that. I just wear what ever I'm in the mood for. Of course I don't wear a white bag on a rainy day but other than that I like to wear some of my lighter and brighter bags to add some life to the winter wardrobe. :biggrin: I forget others have to think about those things. :shrugs:

    A few drops of rain isn't going to hurt the Rame Veneta. I'm assuming you use an umbrella :P
  7. What about the new mineral color? Looks gorgeous and is a creamy color? I am in Texas, so I know all about the white controversy. It can be hot here in December and wearing fall/winter clothes is unbearable.
  8. I think white is so refereshing no matter where you live and what season you are in, even in the dead of winter

    With all black its so unexpected and I like white in the

    evening.. white shirt black pants and a white bag.. fun, no?
  9. ReRe, yep, everytime you mention AC, I wish I could go down there to meet up with you, but NYC is much closer from where I am.

    kroquet, the mineral reminds me of white marble. It can be warm and it can be cool, I quite like it.
  10. jburgh, I totally agree with you! There is white for summer, and there is white for winter and up here in the north? They are not the same. I loaded up my White Grommet Hobo a week ago and have absolutely loved carrying her every single day. But, I know her time is limited to July & August. Rules or no rules, by September, even if it is still hot outside, the light outside just changes, and the color palette you want to wear changes. Thus my crazy hunt for a Crimson Large Veneta... now I will have something (yeah, besides all my MJ's and LV's, :roflmfao:) to change to when the days for carrying a white bag are over. Until next summer that is!:sunshine:
  11. an idea flashed,what about a red montaigne????
    will a red montaigne be available in f/w 2009?
  12. I definitely wear my Carmino (red) Montaigne in the winter! I don't think there is a true red Montaigne in this Fall's collection (there is Uluru, which is described as "sort of" a red but looks more orangey to me but still might be really nice) - or you could find one of the recent reds like Carmino on eBay or somewhere like that. Excellent idea!!