Begging & pleading didn't help me

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  1. I went to the boutique in Vancouver with my PCE in hand the SA had 4 bags put aside for me to see....the heritage xl zip was too big. the navy on the leather carly was more of a royal blue , didn't like the large convertible .I liked the SS patent satchel........ Then I saw the Leather Sophie in winter white nice bag...I couldn't decide .I had to have been in the store 45 minutes Then the SA should me the Hampton Signature Satchel with the gold metatic trim that was the bag I made up my mind in 30 seconds. .... Only to find that I couldn't use the PCE. I begged & pleaded with her & the manager to no avail the large Carly was more money the the Hampton what's the big deal I was so pissed off. By the time the next PCE comes along they could be gone to the outlets & there is no outlets in Canada that I know of.I got the Sophie leather in winter white....I know I will love it.......I'm heart broken :crybaby:
  2. I am so sorry. That is frustrating how coach handling this pce.
  3. I'm so sorry. :sad: The Sophie is an absolutely stunning bag...and I have no doubt you'll like it...but it still is annoying that they couldn't just give you the discount...especially since they "sold" you on it without even asking if you planned to use a PCE card. :sad:
  4. i've a stupid question.. where did you get your pce card? are you on their store location list?
  5. Arg, how frustrating for you! I would be miffed too after spending all that time deciding on which bag to buy. Did the SA know from the start that you were planning on using a PCE card?
  6. Yes she knew I was using the PCE & that I had 200.00 cash birthday money, she was calculating after PCE & cash what the bag would cost me.I'm saving for the next PCE I want the Hampton Satchel in leather or signature...................
    Beauty K addict
    I got the card in the mail... I don't know if I'm on their location list. The last purchase I made was at their store ,I bought a watch at PCE in June..........Thanks girls
  7. I guess I really have no sympathy for you. The card clearly stated what was excluded and what wasn't.

    Yes, I am a bit peeved that a bag I want is on the excluded list, but am I gonna throw a hissy fit? No.

    It just makes me wonder if people keep abusing the rules will PCE continue? Who's going to be the first to complain if PCE is stopped?
  8. i agree with the card stating what is excluded and what isn't. i can't believe how many people are quick to want to abuse PCE and once it is no longer available, we will only complain:shrugs:
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    Sophie in winter white sounds really pretty!!

    Edit: I don't think it hurts to ask if you can get the discount --I would not be brave enough but would totally understand since it states what's excluded on the card!!

  10. I completely agree with you.
  11. I agree with this as well. I think a lot of people on this forum would be very unhappy if PCE was discontinued due to the constant bending of the rules, when they are clearly stated in the first place.:shrugs:

  12. i do feel sympathy for you, some store will break the rules some wont..but coah will NEVER stop doing pce, they make alot of money from it. they know if they stop doing it just b/c a few people decide to "break the rules" their profits will go down. pce cards are coming out much more often now i got one may, june, july, and august. so i dont know how any of you got the impression coach will stop doing pce b/c someone uses it on an excluded item but thats just never going to happen. the only reason those exclusions are there is so they can get rid of their old stock to make room for the new ones.
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    Krispin I totally agree with you. Rules are rules, exclusions are exclusions, just deal with it and move on. Chances are that in a few months the bag will hit the outlet anyways and you'll be upset that you paid more during PCE than someone who got it at the outlet.

    Kattykay, do you work for Coach? How do you know that they will never stop PCE?
  14. The point is, Coach decided to exclude some lines and that should be the end of it. Some people are acting like spoiled little kids who didn't get the toy they wanted. Come on, we are all adults! (for the most part, I know there are some teenagers on tPF).
  15. The bold is the only part of this statement that I agree with. If a store breaks the "rule" and lets people buy specifically excluded items, then great for them, but if they don't then just leave it alone. It says right there in black and white that it can't be used on certain things...why try to take it further? And who knows what Coach will do about PCEs in the future....they may make a bit more during PCE, but if it happens 4 times a year, that's only 4 weeks out of 52? Do those 4 weeks really outshine the other 48?