Begging for advice.. lost receipt!

  1. Dear all Hermes sisters (and brothers), my friend who is a first time Hermes owner bought an HaC in Switzerland last year. Unfortunately she must have left the receipt in the Tax Refund envelope and sent it off so she's without one now and asked me for advice. The first thing that comes into my mind are you guys here :p !!

    I'm sure you would have lots of great advice for my friend. What would be the best thing she could do? She's thinking of writing to the Hermes store in Bern (but we're in Australia) and ask for a reprint but I thought that could be difficult. Is it better to go to the Sydney store and ask for it to be authenticated (and have a letter or proof or something)?

    Finally, does it make a difference with "warranty" without the receipt. I mean, Hermes could easily identify authenticity of the the bag itself without the receipt (they would know who made it and when just by looking at the strap)?

    Thanks so much girls!!
  2. I am sure the store she got it at will help her out.
  3. if your asking because you want to take the bag in for service, you don't need a reciept for that. The only reason you would need a reciept would be to sell it other than that no need for anything.

    Hermes doesn't have warranty for their bags.
  4. You can just call the store and ask them to sent a duplicate bag.
  5. Reciept.

    Yes, you can do this.
  6. That's great! Thanks for the advice! :smile:
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  8. If she paid by CC her CC company can issue her another receipt. Generally stores cannot but the CC companies can!
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  10. mudmud. Call Sydney and ask to speak with Anthony. He is the Assistant Manager, and he will be able to answer your questions. He is VERY lovely, and will answer you straight, and if he can assist, he will.
  11. Thanks Grands Fonds! I'll ask my friend to give it a go!
  12. One way may also work,... most Hermes boutiques keep records of their sales, for at least a year. Contacting the original, store would be my first step, the second, I would ask my local store if they can find a record of it by name or cc. records. Third, I would contact the cc. company if she paid with a credit card. But ultimatelly i think not having a recipt would not "void anything", there really is no "hermes guaranty " per say. If you bring a bag in for refurbishing, there is allways a charge anyway.
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