Begeren Purse Party!

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  2. Is this easier to read?? This same information is on their website

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  3. I am certain given the location of this sale that I just wasted my time, however, I wrote to Begeren to ask if they would make these prices available online to PF members. Wouldn't that be awesome!!!
  4. This evening, I received a very nice email response to my inquiry...keeping my fingers crosses!!

  5. Seems good so far, they didn't say no right?
  6. I have very good feelings about this tonij!! I have a feeling that she will make the sale available to us. Yes!!:yahoo::yahoo::wlae:;):jammin::drool::tup:

    During the summer, I purchased a Moorea from Delcina....I'm embarrased to say it's not been carried. One day I am going to have to start carrying all these gorgeous bags in my closet....I'm just so afraid of getting them soiled.
  7. how much is the regular price on the moorea purse?
    do you think the $250 will be the sale price at the purse party?
  8. I ordered a Moorea in the spring from Delcina as well and have yet to carry it. It was an impulse buy and I realize I hate bags that you can't carry over the shoulder - this being one of them. :lol:
  9. I can't recall the exact retail price...thinking it waw $290. I paid a little less than $200 for mine. As to the price it will be at the online sale...I certainly hope it's less than $240!! Surely, it will be.
  10. WHAT color did you buy? Mine is a marine blue color.
  11. my girlfriend wants a nice mid size bag for xmas this year and i know nothing about them so maybe i can get one if it goes online. keeping my fingers crossed
  12. I remembered they upped their reg. price to somewhere over 300 (340, maybe?)