Begeren Moorea Tote - On Sale!

  1. Hey everyone - please check out if you're interested in last season's hot colors - they have 3 colors left: Shamrock (that crazy perfect green), Marine (wonderful turquoise blue), and Nude (which looks just lovely in my opinion). The sale is for a couple of days only for $195 - and then it jumps back up to $285. Hope all you out there that were bummed that Begeren was sold out, I have alas found a couple of straglers!;)
  2. Oh Man!! I'ma double loser!! My order didn't go through the first time this bag was on sale and I just spent my "mad money" on kenneth cole and the fashion boutique. I guess you can't win them all:shrugs:
  3. Oh Dlovely! That stinks!!! Are you SURE you can't swing it? They have literally 1 more green left, 1 more nude and 2 more Marines. I have all the colors now. I feel like such a dork, but it really is SUCH a cool satchel. I can't tell you how into satchels I am. I don't know why. I'm out of the whole shoulder bag thing - but that's just me. I really hope that maybe some funny money might come your way. The newer colors are pretty - they aren't as "fun" in my opinion, although I'm in love with the fuchsia color. The price did jump up considerably though, for the new Spring season. Keep me posted!:graucho:
  4. Wow Jchiara, you have all the colors??? I have it in Citrus. I also love satchels!
  5. No-I must resist peer pressure. LOL. Besides, I wanted to go see the Color Purple for my birthday, and didn't. But now since Fantasia Barrino will be in it-I'm going to take a trip out. ...but that's not for another month:sweatdrop:
  6. I have the Moorea Tote in Marine and the color is gorgeous. I love it so much. I snatched it up during the Begeren sale a few weeks ago.
  7. Wow, they're all really pretty!

  8. i have in in Shamrock and i absolutely LOVE it. the nude was sold out on the Begeren website when they had that huge end of season sale. it looks really really good too......
  9. I am so excited as mine is supposed to be coming on Monday!! I am hoping if I like it enough to get a fuchsia.
  10. Hey - there is ONE MORE NUDE LEFT on!!! There were two and I snagged one! And it's on sale! $195! I know it's not $145 like the Begeren sale, but it's better than $286 - and it's only lasting for another day or so!!!:yahoo:
  11. They are sold out of last season's colors at begeren, but Delcina has a couple left but at full price. There are also two on "e..." for a song, if you're interested in last season's colors (which I prefer myself)....:yes:
  12. Love these bags, have it in Pink and citrus.
  13. Can someone confirm that the third color is called citrus?

  14. That is not citrus; it's shamrock green. The citrus is more yellow..
  15. yep, that 3rd is sharmock green. the nude (2nd) looks pretty nice too.