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  1. Since this forum is filled with so many wonderful people who have tons of questions, remarks and contributions, it's growing steadily and at a really fast pace. The result is that there is almost 60 pages worth of threads, which is fantastic but causes lots of redundancy.

    I would like to ask you kindly, before you post a new thread on a topic of your desire, please use the forum search to see if there's been a thread about the same (or a similar) topic before.


    In the Forum Display, there's this handy little fold-down menu that appear when you click the "Search This Forum". Just take a quick peak, maybe there's already a plethora on information that you seek after in earlier threads. Don't be shy to bump a past thread with new insights, either.

    Help us keep the forum a little more organized! Merci! :amuse:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.