Before you have a Botox shot......

  1. I know it's rare but here's my story: I went to an excellent, highly reputable cosmetic dermatologist to get my first botox injection. I had the shot at 10:30 A.M - At about 5 A.M the next morning I started getting horrible stomach cramps which turned into full blown food poisoning. For 36 hours I was feeling like death - It didn't register right away because it is almost impossible to find cases like this - so I blamed it on some shrimp I had eaten at dinner but the coincidence is a little too weird - I think it was the botox. Please read all the precautions before you ever decide to go this route, every single person is different - and I guess I'm one of them. No more botox for me!!!!!!!!!
  2. Suzy, that's scary! I hope you are feeling better. Did you report it to the doctor? They should know and investigate. Was the dosage accurate? Maybe the botox batch was bad...

    I haven't gone through it, but am seriously thinking about it.
    Thanks for the warning!
  3. Wow! I have a good friend that's a Sales manager for Allergan, they are the Botox 'people'.
    Are you sure it was Botox adn not the shrimp?
    Shellfish can be tainted very easily.
    Either way, I'm sorry that happened to you :sad:
  4. WOW....Im so sorry for you!!!! That sounds like an alergic reaction for sure. I get botox every 3 months and I have never once had this reaction. Im so so SORRY! For me its one of my true pleasures in life. I love it! I hope you are okay now. :smile: :smile: :heart:
  5. I'm going to call the doctor monday morning - this just happened so it was weekend - I'll just let them know, it's pretty much over now but we are led to believe it is so safe and I didn't read the fine print. Thanks so much for the "get wells" I appreciate it.

    P.S. About the shrimp - that was my first thought - but after discovering that it wasn't unheard of for botox to do this - I changed my mind, it is after all the true source of food poisoning. Perhaps I'll never be completely sure, but I won't be taking any chances, too coincidental for my taste, I can't tell you how sick I was yesterday!!!
  6. I agree........I've never had any sort of adverse reaction. But I do know there are risks with any procedure I'm just thankful I've never had any problems.;)
  7. Just curious ...where did you get your botox??
  8. From a very prominent Dermatolgical Physician' s P.A. in Bal Harbor, Florida - I drove about 30 miles out of my way to get to the "best" doctors.
  9. Sorry, I meant in your face....I also go to a wonderful plastic surgeon...I really feel awful that this happened to you...I keep thinking about it and I jully plan on asking my Dr. about what happened to you and if its the norm. I have never heard of this before but after thinking about it and researching does sound like a bad allergic reaction...which I hate for you becuase as I said I love it so!! Its right up there with a good shopping day! :sad:
  10. I had it in the two lines right between my eyebrows. And believe me, it is not the "norm" NO ONE would ever do it!! From what I gather from internet info. it is beyond rare - but it happened to me!! I will never be able to do it again. l
  11. Again...Im so sorry that it made you sick. Ugh...thats awful.
  12. Thanks Sunshine, that's so nice of you - I'll just have to live with those lines - Don't let this scare you though, just be informed and good luck!.
  13. Restlyene made me feel a bit yucky (pain factore...not sick) ...but so far Im good...I have been doing botox for quite awhile. Thanks for your good wishes!!
  14. Never had botox, never would & that makes me even more convinced! Sorry you had that reaction!
    Amazing there is a doctor here doing it he is supposed to be very good yet in the past few years I have heard of so many people that he has misdiagnosed with serious illness so even if I wanted to have it I wouldn't go near him with a 40 foot pole!!!
  15. I'm so sorry this happened ot you ! Hope you're feeling better now!