Before you buy a louis, do you think about how often you will use it?

  1. Do you only buy bags you can use every day for example.

    I'm pretty much set for daily use. I'm a student and i just bought myself a jummy leather tote. I use this bag more then any other (5 days a week)

    For my non school days is have a BH,damier speedy 30, pochette, mono speedy 25 and i need to add a mono 30 speedy :graucho:

    I'm eyeing a few other bags for special days (epi speedy, epi pochette, baggy pm)

    Ho much do you need to wear a bag to jutify buying it?
  2. i don't really think about it because i only buy bags i love and if i love it i know i'll use it. i wouldn't buy an lv evening bag because a) i never go anywhere and b) i think they're too spency for that. i would buy a chanel evening bag though- because the one i want i would share with my mom and use it for just running out sometimes too.

    so maybe i do think about it. i know there are things i love like a wapity but i have no use for it so i would never buy it.
  3. Oh yes, I think about this all the time before I make the plunge. I don't like collecting bags, anymore for I know I'll lose money and it doesn't seem very practical to me. Aside from major eye candy, I try to use my bags frequently...otherwise, I just sell. I had to get rid of a lot of vintages/small bags because I wasn't in love with them or using them. :sad: Also, I tend to consider how common the bag is (my popular bag tends to be the petit bucket, and even that bag isn't as common as the speedy) because most likely I'll fall out of love with it.

    If you want to get these epi items, I say go for it! You have a purpose for them, correct? :graucho:
  4. No, not necessarily. I do think about what I can wear it with, though. For instance, will it look great with a certain coat or dress (for epi, not mono, obviously, because mono pretty much goes with everything). I think about whether it is comfortable to carry and whether I will get use out of it in the long run, even if I won't be carrying it everyday.
  5. Unfortunately, I have ALOT of impulse buys sitting in my closet. I really need to start thinking about my purchases.
  6. i have one bag i bought and thought i would barely wear it- a gold coach bag. i got it at the outlets. but honest to god it is one of my fave bags ever and i wear it all the time. so you just never know.
  7. I don't really think about this unless something really really unpractical to have. I have some bags sitting in my closet and haven't be carried yet.May be I should start thinking before buying..oh well...
  8. I want to use it, so I buy it...that's why I am not a collector...:shame:
  9. Personally I dno't care how much I use it, if I love it I get it.
  10. Never think about a purchase I just let it grab me. Unless I have need for something specific. Then I would think about a large overnight tote.
  11. No, I don't. That's why I have several unused bags in my collection. I just love LV and want them all! LOL
  12. Yup. I have to justify each and every purchase, - if it's not practical, then no buy. Maybe in a couple of years, I can splurge on bags I love but are not the most practical.
  13. I have to justify, but I justify less depending on the cost.

    I am a student, too and have to make the same choices. I'm just not going to drag my BH around to most classes if I have to sit it on the floor. :push:
  14. I always buy bags becuase of the style and price tag :shrugs:
  15. Unfortunately I have MANY unused bags in my closet as well. I sometimes feel like I won't know if I am going to use it until I actually USE it. Ok I need to put the wine down because that didn't make much sense.