Before the year is over ... and looking forward to 2007

  1. I post this thread with somewhat mixed feelings.

    Over the past months, I think I have been on a marathon to acquire my H bags, and I seriously need to put a stop to it.

    When I first begun my searches, I was even ready to splurge on exorbitant prices by our much loved resellers (and also 'hated' only because the prices make the bags so much more unattainable; not directed personally at any reseller). But very quickly, I learnt from all of you wonderful ladies and I never did over-pay.

    I have made many requests to my lovely store manager to look out for all the bags I aimed to collect (including the 30cm braise porosus croc birkin), but not all of them have been successful. In fact, only 2. Which is very disappointing actually but I suspect she wants to space out my purchases, and feed my addiction by buying other stuff from her store. This is not such a bad thing because I have grown to love to shop at her store.

    Having said that, I wish for a much better, and fruitful year in 2007. There is afterall the Lindy bag to check out when it is launched (think by Feb for us here), and also the 35cm Paris Bombay in box calf. I hope to see a choc box calf in 32cm HAC or 30cm Birkin, and also a black box calf sellier Kelly with gold hardware. A 30cm raisin box calf would be a real surprise and so would a 30cm black chevre Birkin ...

    We are entering the holiday season soon, and I most certainly need to spend more time on organising my house parties .... However, before the crazy holiday season is right in my face (would you believe if I told you I'd already bought Xmas presents for all my nephew and nieces?, so I am only left with presents for the grown-ups), I have one more bag arriving .... It's a 32cm Rouge H Sellier Kelly with white contrast stitching and palladium hardware. This is the last H bag for this year. Promise.

    I will post pics when it arrives.

    Thanks for letting me share my story, and be my friends when my friends IRL cannot understand. :shame: :flowers:
  2. Mrs. Sparkes!!! Party Hearty with your new bags!!! You have had a wonderful year, now sit back and enjoy them.:flowers:
  3. MrsS, you have had quite a good year by all accounts this year, I reckon.:P I love all your Birkins and Kellys! Oooh, a rouge H sellier Kelly is coming?? Which leather?

    I think sometimes it's good to have to wait it out. That way, you truly get to enjoy the bags you have. Hope you'll have a great year in 2007!:flowers:
  4. :yes: This has been a huge H year for me..finally got an H bag after yeeeaaarrrs of waiting and went SO overboard on scarves and accessories. So I am sitting back enjoying it all and waiting until next summer when my self imposed shopping ban is over. :angel:

    Enjoy all your goodies MrsS! :smile:
  5. MrsS, start buying other things like scarves, small leather goods, and, believe me, it open a lot of doors for you. To some people, it seems to be a game, but I don't mind as I actually love just about everything they make. But it sounds like you're on the right track to opening the right doors for yourself. Hermes wants customers who will be around for a lifetime, so I seem to pick up that they want to hear that you don't mind waiting.;)

    Here's to a fruitful 2007 for everyone.

    As for myself, I just hope my SOs arrive when they're supposed to next year.
  6. Beautiful post, MrsS.......I know you love all things Hermes so I heartily endorse what HG said....though I might post otherwise, I have tons of fun shopping at my H store for the smaller items...cadenas, agenda, scarves, pochettes, perfume and so on. I belive that some day my 30cm Cognac (or whatever color strikes my fancy at the time) Birkin will show up...hopefully in 2007 as well. So, to all of us with a wish list, here's hoping that 2007 brings us the bags we dream of!!!!! :drinkup:
  7. MrsS...2006 was my "reintroduction" to Hermes...I tried previously, but now know the true sense of "ready"... I am finished with my holiday shopping...I typically gather gifts during my yearly travels and wrap them in holiday paper as soon as I return home... I actually sent a set of gifts off in August and wished various family members an early Merry Christmas...

    I am also looking forward to 2007...for multiple reasons...I look forward to wonderful experiences with my DH...a sabbatical that will make it possible for me to take some time to write about my (and my students') experiences in China...and amazing H bags that might come my way and the way of my on-line friends!
  9. NHL, I am now sipping a lovely cabernet and raise my glass!
  10. :party: I'll drink to that too, NHL! :drinkup:
  11. NHL!:flowers: CHEERS!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:
  12. Congrats MrsS on your Kelly...looking forward to seeing her! I have enjoyed reading about the new additions to your H-family this past year; thank you for sharing, and here's to 2007--may it be a year filled w/many (large) orange boxes. Cheers!!:drinkup: (w/my Starbucks Iced Tea)
  13. Mmmm chocolate Port here...cheers! :drinkup:
  14. ^^You all are making me so JEALOUS W/the food and DRINKS....I'm only cyber drinking, b/c I've been FASTING for 7 DAYS NOW!!:sad: But I still wish lots of pre-2007 H-orange boxes under your trees, or under the bed, or in the closet :nuts: . Whatever way they come, may we all continue to have a HEALTHY MORE ORANGE BOXES W/ the BROWN BOWS.:heart:
  15. MrsS what a wonderful 2006 you have had! I look forward to pictures of your new Kelly too. Cheers to you and all of tpf for 2007; may we all see large (and small) orange boxes coming our way.