Before the price increase - med flap choice?

  1. I am trying to decide on the black med flap - with gold or with silver hardware? How did you decide? And do you use this bag mostly for dinner/nights because of its size? Thanks for your input.
  2. I'm the happy recipient of a black caviar Classic Flap with gold hardware -- my SO chose the gold hardware because he'd noticed the only silver jewelry I ever wear (and even then, rarely) are earrings. So the gold suits me well! I do think, however, that the silver hardware gives the bag a more contemporary look -- which may be what you wish?

    I think the medium a/k/a large size is perfect because it is so versatile. Certainly appropriate for dinners/evenings, but I have been carrying it as an every-day bag, and that works well for me. I'm petite & the jumbo size seemed toooo big (kinda looked like I was toting carry-on luggage), and I don't carry all that much in a purse anyway. Plus, I love it so much, I wouldn't want to let it sit in my closet most of the time. :flowers:
  3. I really like the black with silver hardware but it's just my preference. Either one will be a timeless can't go wrong. Which one do you see yourself wearing more? The medium is a great size!
  4. I have the black with silver. I think gold is more of a dressed up style and silver is more of a laid back style. But anyhow like lainey said black is classic and it doesn't matter which one you get b/c both are lovely.
  5. I like the caviar w/silver hardware- overall, I feel like it gives an everyday bag, casual modern look. For evening and formal wear, I think lambskin w/gold hardware is a nice match.
  6. thanks for these thoughts, I am also not sure, which one to buy, silver or golden. I think, after reading this, the silver one might be the better choice.
    Also, any idea, where I would better buy ? Germany, where I live or US ? ( regarding to prices )
    Thanks for help.