before the Paris sale, a quick visit to FHS...

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  1. I have just posted about my trip to the Paris sale on Wednesday. I was in Paris for one night with my DH, we arrived Tuesday so of course we had to pay a little trip to the Hermes mothership on Faubourg St Honore.

    I'm not very good at reveals so I will just share the news that I bought a Birkin. It was unbelievable. I have been feeling like the only person without one and that I would never be able to own one, I always seemd to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or have no money. I have not been posting much lately as apart from a few scarves and accessories, I have been saving hard so that should the opportunity to buy a Birkin ever arise, I will be ready! I even started a job in September to boost the funds.

    Our trip to Paris was my Christmas present, DH let me choose a couple of lovely things from the sale that I was after - a wallet and some new gloves.

    But this Birkin was all my own. I wasn't even carrying an Hermes bag when we went in, just my beloved Longchamp pliage - it was amazing to be carrying a large orange bag back to our hotel.

    When we went into FSH, I looked around, I was going to ask about Birkins but with no hope in my heart as there are never any for me in the UK. I didn't want to ask straight away so we looked around everywhere else first. Eventually we ended up at the back of the store where I saw a beautiful Birkin being shown to a customer. It was an amazing colour - bright turquoisey-blue. An SA was standing near - I said what a lovely colour, what is it called, she said 'lagoon' I said is it swift leather, she said yes. I then took the plunge and asked about my two favourite combinations - a 30cm etoupe swift or a 35 cm gold togo Birkin. Without any hesitation at all, she said not those combinations but we have....

    I could hear my heart beating in my chest, she was actually looking for a Birkin for me.

    Well, there was an ostrich, not for me and a 30cm gold swift Birkin which gave me pause but then she said, we have another Birkin in a new colour...

    I will post some photos:




    birkinbox.jpg birkinhandles.jpg birkinfelt.jpg fsh.jpg
  2. oh!!! I was so excited for you when I read that you braved the long line to get into the sale, and I was so happy to learn you bought a bearn and gloves... but now you have a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS BIRKIN!!!! Congratulations!! What's the name of the color?
  3. OMG!! Congratulations!! I love happy FSH stories.
  4. Major congrats!!! What colour is it??
  5. Congrats allaboutnice! What a lovely story and your Birkin is well deserved!
  6. oh what color!! so exciting!
  7. Please welcome my first ever Birkin (much dreamed about and longed and saved for, lol)

    35cm swift leather in 'biscuit' a new colour the SA told me with palladium hardware. As I have been eating too many biscuits lately, it is very appropriate, lol

    The colour is a sort of pale fawn, light tan, lighter and less orangey than gold and paler/less grey than etoupe.

    sorry for the pics, at the first sign of sunshine I'll get some outdoor natural shots.

    with flash in my dark hotel room:


    no flash in hotel mirror:


    all my goodies from Paris (wish the Birkin had been in the sale, lol):


    meet the family, noisette VL Bolide, gold clemence Picotin, VL gold Kelly and my new swift biscuit Birkin:

    birkinflash.jpg birkingloveswallet.jpg birkinmirror.jpg birkinwork.jpg hfamily2.jpg
  8. AAN, SOOO thrilled for you and a NEW color to boot! It complements your coloring perfectly and is a lovely addition to your beautiful H-collection.
  9. Beautiful! Wear in good health! You have a whole color family thing going on here. Perfect for your coloring too!
  10. oh wow that is a wonderful beautiful color. congrats. what a great story!
  11. [​IMG]

    Here's me off to work yesterday with new gloves and Birkin containing new (but now empty) wallet
  12. Oh wow, it is stunning--well done and well deserved!!
  13. lovely!

    those are the gloves i liked in the sale :lol: but it gets so cold in finland/sweden in the winter that i'm sure the chains would burn my wrists with the cold :wtf:
  14. Congratulation! very nice colour for spring/summer :tup: what a nice and successful trip to Paris. must convince my DH to go there with me soon :graucho:
  15. Oh that is a fantastic bag, you lucky duck! Hermes does neutrals so well (ie etoupe and parchment) and now biscuit! I think this might be the first reveal of a bag in this color, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the new colors.