Before the next price increase I want to get a daimer piece...


Aug 20, 2006
Hey Antonia I love the speedy I just fell in love withmy mono 30 all over again and have carried it all this week. My only concern is the bleeding lining that so many people mention on this forum. If only one person mentioned it I would not be concerned but, a whole bunch of people have had the same issue. Do you have the daimer speedy with no bleeding lining issues???

Hey, so far no bleeding issues with my speedy. I've been so very happy with it since the day I bought it....seriously, if this was the only bag I would have to carry the rest of my life, I wouldn't mind it one bit! :yes: :heart: :love:


Jul 28, 2006
I think I will go with the speedy because I love the speedy shape and size and the price point is better for me compared to the belem mm ...the belem is stunning but, quite a bit more money...with the speedy I will have an all weather bag and the daimer look....the speedy is such an awesome bag can't believe I had to put my mono one away for awhile and take it out again to realize may have been getting use to a hand held bag as well because in the past I always carried shoulder bags...could not imagine my collection without any speedies.....thanks everyone for your input!!!!Happy holidays!!!!