Before the next price increase I want to get a daimer piece...

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  1. Daimer is just such a classy look so I want to get a piece before the next price increase. Any suggestions?? I was thinking either the papillon or the speedy 30...I want timeless, elegant and classy....thanks...LVpug
  2. Saleya...I just exchanged my Damier Speedy 30 for it bc the interior fabric 'bled'.
  3. ^^^ Not all the Damier Speedys had bleeding interiors right?
  4. I love the saleya too :yes: the papillon is great too though!
  5. I love my sayela pm! I vote for one of the sayela's!!!
  6. Pug, Saleya or Papi would be nice...You don't have barrel shape yet, may be papi..26 0r 30..
  7. Pug... Didn't you just returned the epi pap cause it didn't fit on your arm?:confused1:

    Damier Alma would be lovely on you.

  8. No, thank goodness!! LOL

    I have heard that it is rather 'hit or miss':confused1:
  9. I have no bleeding at all with my Damier Speedy.

  10. A year an a half ago I bought a high end fake papillon 30(thinking it was real until I took it to the embarrassing to say the least) so, I do not have that shape and have lots of totes LH, PH and aureilla. Do you love your papillon 30 in daimer? I like the contrast of the squares with a round shape...the saleya is super nice too...ackkk...too many great never ends....I prefer the old hard wear on the papillon and I know of one boutique that still has one has of I should decide soon or I will end up with the new hardware which is not as nice....

    If the daimer speedy has a lining bleeding issue they should perhaps change the lining...seems weird that it is an issue and they do nothing about it...:confused1:
  11. Mine is 26 but I still can put it over the shoulder eventhough wearing sweater. It's not too bad but 30 has longer strap.

    I love papi in damier be honest, I think I prefer damier prints to mono prints in all bags.
  12. Pinki you have a terrific memory..yes I returned it for the tulum pm because I wanted yet another shoulder I want a bad weather (rain/snow) bag which can be handheld because it will not be for everyday. Want to keep all my bags with vachette (which is all of them) in excellent condition. Daimer offers great style with no vachette...I would take daimer out in bad weather over epi because it is mostly canvas. Plus after seeing the pick with Caroline Kennedy carrying a daimer bag I thought wow that just looks so classy and to have something daimer to make my collection complete or almost complete....:P
  13. I prefer the speedy to the papillon but it all depends on which style suits you better. They're both classic and timeless IMO....good luck Pug!! :smile:
  14. I noticed the trick of looping one strap over and that makes the bag longer and fits over the shoulder nicely. In the summer months with tank tops and less clothes it will fit over the shoulder fine. In the winter months the crook of the arm will have to do. Now that I have fallen in love with my speedy 30 I actually like the hand held variety now...great to have different the pic Nita with your daimer pap looks great with white pants it is more versatille than I thought. Also a lady on the forum mentioned that the daimer print looks nice with lighter clothes and chunky dark jewelery in the summer...the wooden brown beads it is a year round bag too. Think I might have to go with the pap do not want the speedy lining issues that so many have had. Thanks:yes:
  15. I haven't had no bleeding w/ my damier speedy also...Guess it just depends..

    Btw, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used it yesterday, and will again today.