Before Price Increase Purchase - Advice Needed!!


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
I know ANOTHER BAG!! But as we know this price increase is lurking. I have two big bag purchases I would like to make before the increase but in reality I can really only purchase one. My bag cap is 2000 and I will not go over that so with the increase it will put these bags out of reach for me. The LV increases will definitely put a halt to purchasing in the future as paying over 2000 for a canvas bag is just beginning to be a bit much – especially with two price increases a year. You ladies have already helped me with three purchases I was very happy with - so I come to you again for your expert enabling advice on the below bags.

I am looking to add another Mono shoulder bag. I have two totes one in DA and DE but nothing in Mono.

Metis – Okay I have three hobo bags – two Mono and one DA. Do I really need another hobo? This bag has been on my radar since the Artsy. The gold clasp with the piece of vechetta bothers me a little and the bag is a tad tall but not enough to sway me from liking the bag. Definitely like the two straps and that they are removable. There may be a size factor here seeing that it is only 12.5 long. I also worry about the glazing along the sides of the bag over time.

Retiro PM – Love the all vechetta on the bag and definitely when it patinas as it ages it is gorgeous!! Love the two carry options and that the long strap is removable. Even though the bag is deep in depth there may be a size factor here as well in length. Not too sure if this bag is discontinued or not yet as I was having a hard time finding on the web site.

Estrela MM – Very similar to the Retiro but longer. Love everything the same as the Retiro but like the size better.

So those are my choices! Pictures, pros and cons are highly welcomed!


Feb 25, 2012
metis awesome bag
i have both artsy and metis and always seem to be leaning toward the metis much more :smile: had mine for almost a year and no issues to speak of plus u can make it a cross body with an extra strap!
Feb 23, 2014
Midwest USA
I do not own any of these bags. My opinion is based solely on the looks of each bag and my personal hesitancy for using bags with a lot of vachetta:


Good luck with your decision! :smile:


Jul 19, 2011
Chicago, IL
Soley based on looks and looks of functionality (as I do not own any of these either), Estrela.... or Retiro. Lol I think the main difference for me is the shorter straps. I said Estrela first because I like that the double straps are long enough to be shoulder carried.

Good luck! >.<


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May 11, 2010
Meridian, ID
You know which I would pick....Metis! It's so incredibly comfortable and I think it's pretty cute too! I am not a fan of a lot of vachetta on my bags so it's a winner in that respect. ;)


Apr 30, 2014
You are my favorite TPF buddy, CornishMon. The Metis is gorgeous--but it's another hobo. I looked up the Estrela because I wasn't too familiar with it and I have to say I like it better than the Retiro. The handles seem longer so the bag can be worn on the shoulder with the short handles, as well as with the longer strap? More of a tote than the retiro-- and you don't own any mono totes. So the Estrela gets my vote. Good luck! Let us know what you choose.