Before price hike purchase: Which one???


Poll choices in Jumbo flaps

  1. Beige (camel) Jumbo/gold hardware & old chain

  2. Black Jumbo/gold hardware & old chain

  3. White Jumbo/gold hardware & old chain

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies, I'm calling today when the stores open to get one more jumbo before the price hike. :sad: Please help me decide the color. I want them all, of course. ;) My current collection consists of: Black pearl reissue/gold hardware, pink Med. flap/silver hardware, Jumbo dark silver reissue, & pink bowler. I'm also waitlisted for a black baby cabas. Here are the choices: Beige (camel color) Jumbo/gold hardware old chain, Black Jumbo/gold hardware old chain, White Jumbo/gold hardware/old chain. I don't have a pure white bag, just 2 MC LV's. I don't have anything in the camel color beige either. Thanks for your help. :smile:
  2. Hmm... Since you already have black and dark silver, I think white is really nice. :biggrin:
  3. I vote for Beige since you already have black. But if you want a jumbo that you can use often and need minimum care then I think black jumbo is better.
  4. I would get the classic black first.
  5. may i know how much is the increase on the flaps?
  6. Originally posted by ocgirl:
    Small caviar classic was $1795 now $2225
    Medium caviar classic was $1995 now $2350
    Jumbo caviar classic was $2250 now $2650

  7. Hi KathyD, i voted Black Jumbo/gold hardware old chain. IMO black w/ gold is really Chanel and must have for F/W. ;)
  8. Hi KathyD, my vote is white jumbo!
  9. thanks missisa im glad i bought my flaps way ahead or i wouldnt be able to buy any flaps with the new price
  10. Somehow I missed that info, but OMG that is another huge jump :wtf:
  11. ^I know! These new price increases are insane! I hope this September increase is the last one for a while!
  12. Thanks everyone! :heart: Keep the comments coming. lol. I'm going to try & make my decision by this afternoon. :sweatdrop:
  13. since u already have a black and gold reissue, and u don't have a beige one, i'm going to go with the beige! i think that colour is trans-seasonal (unlike white) and easier to maintain than the white. Good luck deciding!
  14. I voted for beige Kathy. I have it w/ silver hardware and its a great neutral.

    Do you know where you can find one w/ gold hardware? :confused1:

    I've never seen one
  15. I think I want to change my vote to black w/ GH. It's a must have :smile: