Before or After ? Posh 'n Paris .

  1. So which do you like better ? I like the befores , especially w/ VB , she looked way better with smaller breasts !
    poshspice_nochest.jpg victoria_beckham-thumb.jpg old_and_new_paris.jpg
  2. That can't be Paris!!!
  3. yup that's paris all right.

    VB used to look hot. now she's plastic.
  4. Victoria just happened to have a very unfortunate boob job :sad:. she looked so much better without it.
  5. I think VB is still hot, but I don't know what she was thinking with those implants. I don't have anything against getting implants but hers just look like someone stuff a couple of cantalopes in there!

    Paris on the other had I really could care less about, she never was anything special and she still isn't. It's amazing what being rich can do for you!
  6. before for VB, and paris doesnt look good in either pic!
  7. I liked Victoria better before because her body looked softer and less "harsh".
  8. wow and i thought Paris was a natural blonde...
  9. I liked VB before, she was gorgeous, now she's just... stiff and boring as she tries too hard. Sorry people.
  10. both def. BEFORE!!!
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I agree , but her hair looks alot prettier brown . So much thicker , too .
  12. Here's some more Paris pics --pre blonde and blue-eyed . Notice shes been practicing these poses for years ! I think she may have had her nose done , too . Rarely is a pinched nose natural .
    this_is_paris1.jpg this_is_paris2.jpg this_is_paris3.jpg this_is_paris4.jpg this_is_paris5.jpg this_is_paris6.jpg
  13. I think VB looks nice after sometimes.. like in her new ad for her and Becks' perfume, now that's hot !!!
  14. Poor VB, you would've figured she would've got a better boob job...considering...I can't believe that is paris...I think I've taken like 5 looks at the picture and I am flabergasted (spelling?)!
  15. First of all, what a hot looking threesome - bad boob job and all!!!

    As for Paris, now I see why Nicky was the more popular Hilton sister when they were younger. Wow.