before i wear my new campeggio as a laptop bag....

  1. ... i was wondering.. i just put all my school stuff *including my laptop* in my campeggio... and i was wondering.. will it break? lol. seems like a silly questions, but when I wore it all... it feels like it's rather heavy. and im scared that either my bag will get ripped.. or my laptop will get messed up..
    do any of you use campeggios as laptop bags? were they ok?
  2. go for it! I'm at Seattle Pacific University and I've been using my Adios campeggio since school started. I love it. I have a 13" macbook, two textbooks, and 3 smaller books I carry with me and the campeggio is still going strong! :tup:
  3. I've stuffed tons of junk (including laptop) into my bags, and theyr'e fine. I know it feels scary, but I've never heard of anyone breaking their bags (aside from the original print that tends to have rivets pop off at any time).
  4. I carry tons in my bag.
  5. Thanks guy! :biggrin:
  6. Do a lot of people have Tokis at SPU? Hehe I'm taking a quarter off from UW right now but my friends have been telling me that they see TONS of Tokidokis on the UW campus this year!