before i part with you....i must...

  1. take a family pic................:wlae:


    now im feeling a bit sad to see ms. bucket go, but i really hv no use for u...sorry! :crybaby:
  2. sorry to see you go Ms. Bucket...hello Ms. Belem!!:P I love the belem...I can't wait to see it!! what size did you get????:drool:
  3. Nice family photo! :smile:
  4. will get it in pm! this friday..can't wait!

  5. Nice : )

    Family pics are always nice. Hehe.
  6. I think the bucket is the cutest piece you got!
  7. sooo cute. ur collection. love the noe.
  8. i think it's the material that bothers me.......doesn't seem too durable...for its price........:Push:

  9. thanks! i don't think i'll keep it for too long.........

  10. aw the noe is going too? what are you going to replace her with??
  11. i really friends keep telling me it's IS cute..but not very practical!
  12. cute collection...
  13. :nuts: Very nice collection......:yes: The Belem is so unique....nice choice!!!!:drool:
  14. thanks!
  15. :nuts: Nice family pic rensky ,so the Noe is going too?:crybaby:
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