before i joined PF...

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  1. these were on the "want-list":

    1. damier speedy 25
    2. damier sarria mini
    3. damier ribera mini

    after i joined...

    1. i got my damier speedy 25 :wlae:
    2. im looking out for used damier sarria mini as i think a new one is over priced IMO :P
    3. i've decided that the damier ribera mini zipper will put scars on my hands
    4. damier saleya PM :jammin:
    5. damier duomo :jammin:
    6. damier alma :jammin:
    7. MC trouville :angel:
    8. MC pochette accessories :angel:
    7. oh my god this list is becoming too long :girlsigh:
  2. I was thinking about this today!:lol:

    Before joining TPF, I wanted:
    Popincourt Haut
    Cabas Piano

    After joining TPF:
    All of above plus...
    Speedy 25
    Papillon 30
    Saleya PM
    Looping MM
    Petit Noe
    Wapity:rolleyes: :lol:
  3. i so understand how u feel
  4. i will take a before and after pick and u guys will be disgusted=)
  5. before pf i had only monogram and epi, 5 pieces altogether

    after pf:

    I'm now in love with the vernis line!!! Hard to take care....who cares...they are gorgeous! I'm also liking damier a lot too. Since pf, I've sold 1 monogram bag and bought a deauville, bedford, vernis small agenda in its place. And the want list keeps getting longer.

    Yeah, but i completely understand how you guys feel! This place is a good/bad addiction...feels so good looking at pictures and dreaming of purses but so bad for my bank account!
  6. Well, I've only recently started hanging out in the LV subforum. So, before I discovered the LV subforum, my wishlist consisted of:


    After hanging out with all of you here on the lovely LV subforum, my wishlist:

    Mono Batignolles Horizontal
    Damier Speedy 25 or 30
    Papillon 30
    Epi Passy GM
    Suhali Lockit PM in black
    Vernis Brentwood in Framboise
    Vernis Zippy Wallet in Framboise
    Cerises Cles
    Perfo Cles(fuchsia or green)
    Black MC PTI or Koala wallet
  7. Before I joined PF . . . I used to collect designer jeans and had only 1 LV - a papillon 26.

    After joining PF, I have decided to sell some of my designer jeans to help pay for my new addiction!
    Popincourt Haut - just bought this - YEA! :yahoo:
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Musette Tango Corto
    Tikal GM
    Neo Speedy
    Thompson Street
  8. great choices! :graucho:

  9. Pre-tPF: I hate LVs! :throwup:

    After-tPF: I'm severally obsessed with LVs! :wtf:
  10. Pre tPF:
    A papillon 30
    Cerises speedy

    Since joining have bought (none on the list):
    Speedy 30 mono
    cerises cles
    cerises pochette
    CB pochette
    Birth of Modern Luxury book
    2 graffiti pochettes

    Now my want list is:
    panda cles
    panda round coin holder
    cerises speedy
    CB retro (all colors)
    CB papillon (all colors)
    2 more CB pochettes
    1 more graffiti pochette
    CB cleses
    graffiti speedy (all colors)
    cerises round coin holder
    groom cles
    mini mono lin speedy
    Damier speedy 30
    regular batignolles
    MC black speedy 30
    manhattan PM

    ummm obsessed is probably the right word....along with broke!

    I also have a spreadsheet going with the prices of each and tentative "buy dates" of each piece (some are * with possible Christmas/birthday gifts lol)
  11. Great thread!!

    I found tPF when I did a Google search on an Isabella Fiore bronze cutout hobo which is not my usual type of bag but I got it to add a little zing to my collection and wanted to see if there was anything online commenting about it. Lo and behold, I found Megs' blog discussing it (from a few months ago) and the rest is history!!

    So, before tPF I certainly knew of LV but never really considered owning any!

    mono speedy 25
    Saleya PM
    Cabas Piano
    2 pochettes
    ...and maybe a wallet or wapity!

  12. it's funny...before i joined PF..i loved gucci, CD, a bit of coach, and LV...i remember buying a CD bag b4 i joined PF..and said to myself that too many ppl carry LV after joining..i've looked at nothing other than LV..i mean i've viewed other sub-forums...but only because i've read every thread in the LV subforum and that i had nothing else to
  13. Rensky...I am the same way! I wanted everything from everywhere...but now LV is my one love....I'm going to be known as the LV bag lady with my friends! Everytime they see me they ask what I've bought lately.
  14. Ummmmm....I say we should get some kick back from LV for talking each other into and making us want to buy more and more LV!!lol!