Before I invest $200.00 - I'd like your

  1. opinion as to whether the Coco Cabas is a trendy bag or in line to be a classic. Thanks for your feedback!!! Of course I meant $2000.00!!!!!
  2. I start to really like the coco cabas, its totally worth $2000 IMO!!!
  3. not classic like a Flap, but it's not super trendy either IMO.
    I think big bags will not be as fashionable sometime in teh future, just like all things trend in and out. But the design is classic enough to pass IMO.
  4. i love it but i cant just bring myself to pay for a cabas but i wouldnt think twice of paying 2k for a jumbo flap :smile:
  5. Trendy. So think seriously about it. But if you don't like it you can then resell it.
  6. I think it's trendy.

    Typically, I always ask myself if, in 5 years I could see myself carrying it OR if I could see myself saying, "Wow, that was so great in 2007!" it probably isn't something I will buy.

    If you love it though, that's what matters.
  7. It's definitely an "IN" bag at the moment, but i'm not sure in the future.
    I do love the cabas, it's roomy.
  8. Trendy imo.
  9. Too trendy imo also. I ask the time question when making such a substantial purchase. Do I see myself using this 5 years from now, 10 years? Unequivocably, the reissue and the flap and of the newer genre purses, the timeless clutch, and the pythons.
  10. i love it! i think it's plain enough to wear even when it's not "in". Since chanel's making new ones i think it'll be like the cambon line in that they are sort of transient classics. :biggrin:
  11. I think the Coco Cabas is trendy, not classic. I've sunk money into FIVE classic Chanels and two TRENDY Chanels... I NEVER carry the trendy ones, but I love my five classics.
  12. I think it's trendy cuz of it's size. But if you really love it and will make good use outta it, get it. And enjoy it.
  13. Please tell me which 5 classics. thanks.
  14. In Jan. I got my first Chanel Classic Flap and then two GSTs and today a Re-issue patent.

    But last night I was thinking about this very topic....

    I am attracted to the Cabas - yet at the same time I am sending a lot of my more trendy bags to consignment shops - so I was in a bit of conflict....would I or should I invest in a Cabas...and I finally decided no. is tempting - I want Chanel bags that are IMO classic and timeless....that as many before my post have said... a bag that in 5 to 10 years will seem just as timely as it does now.
  15. I think it is trendy/classic, not like a classic flap is classic but I think its not something that will only last a minute. Its a gorgeous bag!! I would go for it!