Before I finally purchase my next flap!!! please help.

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  1. Sorry, I still haven't decided:confused1::sad:
    Metallic navy reissue 226 or navy in distressed lambskin? please help. thank you again.
  2. Navy in glazed lambskin you mean? I love the navy glazed lambskin! It's really gorgeous and less trendy than the metallic navy reissue IMO.
  3. Metallic Navy! It's more eyecatching and interesting.
  4. Metallic navy reissue. I have one and love it.
  5. Ouch, that's a hard one. I LOVE the metallic navy -but I think the Glazed Navy with new chain might be a little more timeless. (but that said, I still LOVE the metallic ;))
  6. Agree that the glazed lambskin is more classic.
  7. I think the glazed lambskins chains are not as nice as the metallic. The chains are what turn me off to the bag. I love the metallic navy. I would get it in a heartbeat.
  8. Wow. Is hard to decided between the 2?:wondering I will say...the glazed leather one:tup: (less blingy:thinking:) G/L
  9. I like the metallic better.
  10. Glazed lambskin!
  11. I love the metallic navy and its coming from someone who doesn't like metallic..
  12. I like the glazed lambskin (or washed lambskin as my SA said) but hated the chain. It's shorter, lightweight and didn't stay on my shoulders. This bag is definitely more casual than the metallic.

    Good luck!
  13. glazed lambskin. hands is TDF.....I can see it dressed up or dressed down. It would even look great with denim.......This bag is def. on my wish list:heart: Just my 2 cents. The most important thing is...which one works for you? You will be the one wearing it and in your heart you will know. Both are beautiful and you can't go wrong......please keep us posted on the final outcome.:yes:
  14. ^^you took the words right out of my mouth :tup: Glazed Lambskin for me!!!
  15. i second this...:yes: