Before Hermes

  1. Just wondering, before Hermes became your favorite, which brand purses do you used the most?

    I used to carry Louis Vuitton, and at the time I already loved Hermes. However, I thought Hermes was too expensive. Then one day the lightbulb went off - all these LV bags and other bags I bought, I could've used them for several Hermes bags. After that, I started buying Hermes.
  2. It's always been Hermes for me. I was never into handbags before my first Hermes. That Kelly was my undoing.
  3. LV, big time. Years ago in my college days, it was Dooney and Coach.
  4. Chanel - still like them alot. My second favorite!

    Other than that, Dooney and Burke or a Coach or 2 in my high school/college days.
  5. Mostly Coach because I worked there and got 50-65% off. :graucho:
  6. Wow! 50% to 65% off? Even the current season items?
  7. We got 50% off a set number of current items and 65% off and first choice of items being sent to the outlets. I worked there about 5 years ago and spent all my paychecks on bags. DH finally said hmmm why bother working if you aren't actually making any money? :lol:
  8. Good much fun would that be?
  9. anything quirky and unusual. I never had a designer bag until the baby blue vernis papillon (bedford). I now have high end designer/midrange and even-yes-urban outfitters, banana rep/orla kiely,etc in my collection. i love my Birkin but stayed true to my funky quirky roots too- even at this age. i also now care less about whether someone thinks i'm to old for my betsey johnson bag. but really i get a lot of compliments from strangers so i guess my stuff is interesting to look at.
  10. Before Hermes it was and still is Chanel. I have my beloved Grey Reissue that I was lucky, lucky, lucky to find and my chocolate Deerskin Bolt handbag that I don't think I'll ever give up. I also covet my mothers 25 year old LV Speedy!
  11. First it was Dooney and Bourke in high school with one Coach thrown in. Then it was Louis Vuitton and Chanel. But slowly over time I came to really appreciate Hermes and decided that it was time to maintain brand loyalty. I still carry other bags, but Hermes is number one with me now.
  12. Good question...if I think of what I have the most of it would be Ferragamo and my croc collection.
  13. It was Chanel and LV a few years ago. Then Fendi Spy, Chloe, and Balenciaga around the same time.
  14. I had a thing for Fendi Baguettes for a while (didn't everyone?), but my love was collecting vintage Bakelite and Lucite Purses from the 50's.....I have quite a nice collection.

    Having said that, I am 32, and have been coveting a kelly since I was 16 (half my life!!!! - 'bout time I got one, 'eh?):lol:
  15. LV Epi & BV