Before buying your LV items go to the Japanese luxury sites

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  1. Bonjour, a year ago I discovered japanese sites where you can see a lot of luxury products from every angle (a lot of pictures). That can give you an idea about your future purchase if you don't have seen it before.

    For example :

    It's very helpfull.
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  2. Me too, I always checked out those sites before making an purchases or bidding on Ebay.

  3. can i ask what bag this is?
    [​IMG] i've seen the large version of it but never this one.

  4. All those beautiful Vernis pieces!!! <drool>
  5. Coussin PM? Maybe SO? It said model # M51143. Probably discontinued piece?
  6. I agree, only if it's in US Dollar and in English, then it would be perfect!

  7. LOL :nuts: You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hehe. But pictures speak a thousand words.

  9. thank you! that is so much easier than searching ebay for something authentic with multiple views!!
  10. Thanks for sharing the websites!:lol: I wish I could read Japanese.:sad2:
  11. actually you can google the websites, then click on 'translate this page'

    if that helps at all
  12. I discovered the rakuten website and have always loveed it.
  13. great sites... although it'snot in english
  14. Are you sure the pics are of the authentic items? I'd love to use this as reference if so.