Before B-bags I loved:


Before b-bags I loved:

  1. chanel

  2. ysl

  3. chloe

  4. marc jacobs

  5. fendi

  6. louis vuitton

  7. bottega veneta

  8. hermes

  9. dior

  10. gucci

  11. prada

  12. other: specify

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  1. What bag brand did you mainly love before you came over the the dark side of b-bags?
  2. Only LV Epi an Damier...
    And my Grandmother :heart: black croc Kelly :love: !!
  3. Only LV Epi and Damier...
    And my Grandmother :heart: black croc Kelly :love: !!
  4. I voted for Hermès - it was my one and only bag-Love .... but I also loved others like LV, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Chloé aso. - - - and now .... BALENCIAGA :yahoo: :love: :heart:
  5. NONE! lol :roflmfao: I was never really into bags/designer items (well aside from jeans, but that doesn't count!) til Balenciaga comes along... I'm sure my bank account "thank" me very much for finding Balenciaga :lol::love::shame:
  6. Judging by the bags in my closet...
    4 Gucci bags (sold 1)
    3 Coach (gave 1 to me sister)
    1 LV (sold 1)
    1 Chloe (gave 1 to mom)
    1 Gerard Darel

    Now, I don't even give these bags a second's all about the B-bags! :jammin:
  7. i still LOVE Louis Vuitton though! hhehehe!
  8. Wow a lot of louis converts!
  9. hmmm, i mainly loved chanel, marc jacobs, lv and gucci prior to balenciaga (have to have my variety!).

    i voted "lv" bc i had the most of it and actually carry the least now that i have my b-bags.
  10. I was obsessed with anything mono LV before converting! :upsidedown:
  11. i loved chanel. still do :love: and some hermes although im too young and dont have the ability for that now.
    but balenciagas are so colourful and fun!!! :love: :love: :love:
  12. my obsession before b-bags is lv in multicolore line, and cerises and panda (basically all designed by takashi murakami)
  13. To be honest..... Balenciaga is my first and true love, with other lusts along the way ;)

    (I do love older Chloe's...... and the interesting Bottega Veneta's.....)

    eta: how could I forget! Vintage...... ;) (including truly vintage Balenciagas) --- Gucci, Pucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta... etc. Many of them my grandmother gave me, and I adore :love:
  14. :heart: i love hermes.... that is my true love, :smile:.... i also love some of lv lines and balenciaga (city only)..... and though most of you ladies here think pony hair is quesy, i think it kinda nice, :yes:, especially if they have it in emerald. :tender:
  15. Love MJ and still in search of my teal venetia, but I've got to say that I've had my taste of bbags and I've got it bad, BAD!