Before and After

  1. [​IMG]angelina
    [​IMG]jessica&ashley simpson:nuts:

  2. Lindsay Lohan looked WAY better in June 2004....her body in May looks sickly and way too thin....I don't know what's up with all these celebs going on unneccesary diets.
  3. Woooowwww.
  4. Lindsay looked great in 2004. And she always had great boobs that made me jealous.;) But they vanished with the rest of her... but on new pictures she has put on some weight again, so that's much better.:yes:
  5. Lindsay looks so good back in 2004.
  6. How did Angelina nose get smaller when she was older? See we all nee a little help...

    Terry Hatcher looks just ridiculous before and especially after. She needs a Make Under. SHe wears way toooooo much make-up!
  7. I have to agree about Lindsay. She was really pretty in Mean Girls...and then she lost all that weight and went blonde. Although, she does look better now than she did a year ago.
  8. lindsay looks better with all her curves in 2004.
  9. I like Lindsays before better too.
  10. I was jealous of linds too at first, she looked incredible with her boobs and curves and red hair...poor girl to have to believe she needed to lose weight & do whatever else she did to herself
  11. I loved the lindsay with big boobs.
  12. :yes: and I must add Ashlee was one ugly kid.
  13. That Teri Hatcher pic must be from the 80's. Too funny.:P
  14. Jessica is definitely the prettier sister.
  15. Yeah I agree Lindsay looks much better in 04. curves = hot ;)
    and yeah teri hatcher tries too hard imho.