Before and After....

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  1. I had a funny thought today as I was gazing upon my CL's and wondering to myself...'where the h*ll did all these shoes come from!!':nuts:

    How many CL's did you have BEFORE joining tPF (or for the ladies that double dip between tPF and tFS) and how many CL's do you have AFTER joining tPF/tFS....?

    I remember when JetSet had her 'loubou-TEN'!!!! honest...the IRS will not be reading this:roflmfao:

    I will start...

    3 pairs
    Patent Plum Graffiti 120mm Pigalle
    Patent Leopard 120mm Pigalle
    Patent Pink 120mm Clichy

    AFTER (in a short 10 months):
    Had up to 17 pairs of CL's....:wtf:

    7 pairs of CL's

    Anthra Metallikas
    Black Metallikas
    Patent Grey Decollete
    Patent Black Simples
    Super T
    Fuschia Lady Gres
    Tortoise VP

    and countless Manolo's and Choo's:shame:

    I think Mr Louboutin, Blahnik and Choo should message us a big thank you for enabling each other in an otherwise falling economy:Push:
  2. before i had none and now i have 2! (green suede yoyo zeppa & black patent activa)
  3. Before: none! After....I'm at 20 pairs, in a year's time. Not too too bad, since some gals find this place and hit 20 pairs 3 weeks later. LMBO!
  4. ^Sara...what fabulous choices too:woohoo:
  5. You aren't kidding, I was at 15 or so in 4 months!! I have narrowed it down to the 'must have's, must need's...':roflmfao:
  6. Before: None
    After: 38 pairs and 4 on pre-order :shame: In my defense I am trying to edit.
  7. ^nice!
  8. before joining i had none! i got my first about a month ago and am currently shopping for my second! so i think my will power is holding up pretty good!
  9. Oh yes I am!;)

    - ZERO

    - Ayers Roccia Numero Prive (May 2007)
    - La Donna Mary Janes (July 2007)
    - Graffiti Ballerina Flats (February 2008)
    - Un Voilier Ballerina Flats (February 2008)
    - Nude Very Prive (July 2008)

  10. LOL! And I'm trying to help you edit...

    Before: 1 (brought me here)
    After: 9

    2 kid decollete (luggage/black)
    1 city girl (luggage)
    1 pony camo pigalle
    1 patent pigalle (white)
    1 patent clichy (black)
    1 passmule (hot orange)
    1 joli noeud (fuschia)
    1 **sigh, fan myself** nude vp
  11. Before tPF--> 1
    -Black Bruges (dec 2007)

    After tPF--> 24 + 2 SO + 2 on the way= 28 :nuts:

    Without counting returns due to "changed my mind" or "they'll fit if I use 100 footpetals" or "imperfections"
  12. Before (2):
    Green satin Pigalle 100
    Red patent upper/rope platform Yoyo Zeppa Slingback (sold)

    After (11):
    Black Minibout (sold)
    Purple Rolando (sold)
    EB Rolando
    Yellow Declic
    Nude Clichy 120
    Nude Declic (returned)
    Striped Simple 100
    Navy patent Joli Noeud Dorcet
    Blue Very Noeud
    Gray suede Mad Mary
    Fuchsia Joli Noeud
    Black Anemone
    Pale pink Mouche (returned)
    Blue velvet graffiti Clichy 120

    I think that's all of them...
  13. I had none! I lusted after them but never pulled the trigger. I now have 2 pair, one on the way, and one pre-ordered. I'm trying to pace myself!
  14. before none
    after finding cl subforum on tpf- 5
  15. Before: 1 pair, which I had a year before coming here. The black Mallorca.

    After: 1 still...I'm saving my money!! Since I really want a handbag and a new pair of high heeled boots, I think I'm going to keep saving to get those and hopefully see if my second pair will be one of my Holy Grail styles. Either that, or I'm going to get something like a Ron Ron which I could wear a lot.