Before and After

  1. Well everyone... as much as my before somewhat embarasses me, I know it is motivating to see that people *can* change- not like the TV ads, this is the real deal. :shame:

    The picture on the left is me 4 years ago. I had been sick (on lots of steroids) but I also was just entirely out of shape- eating awful- and couldn't work out due to illness. I've come a long way in 4 years to the picture on the right. I eat completely different now and it has made a world of difference. The picture on the right was taken in September, since then I have lost another 12 lbs or so. So from the before pic to the after pic I lost 45 lbs. And overall I am now around 57 lbs lost or so!

    I'm working on more toning now! Well here is the pic of before and after... hope it inspires some of you! :idea:

  2. <--- in shock and disbelief... in a good way of course. :love:
  3. Wow!!!
  4. Meow! What a hottie Megs!!!! :nuts: I'm sure that's inspiring for a lot of members!!!! I'm sure it wasn't hard and it will continue to be, what I commend your willpower and your desire to become healthy - inside and out!!!! :biggrin:
  5. And this is when Vladi and I first were kind of dating.. let's me know he really does love me for who I am! :love:

    Not that I looked awful, but much different now!
  6. wow u look great and this is so inspirational. Congrats! =)
  7. megs you look amazing.....i love like 45 pounds in high school but i've gained it all back and i've kinda sunk into a depression but you've totally inspired me into think that i can do it again :P
  8. Yawza!!! Megs you look fab!!! That's it, I'm going on a diet!!! :biggrin:
  9. Congratulations! You look wonderful! I know you must feel great which is a large part in looking good! Good for you, Megs! ;) Keep up the good work!
  10. You look great!!! Congratulations! Way to keep working at it! I can only imagine how hard it must have been to lose all that weight! I am trying to lose 20 lbs total and having a pain of a time doing so. I have lost 10 so far but struggling right now. I am so proud of you. That's awesome to see!
  11. wow you look great! i hope i can have as much determination as you! i want to lose 30 pounds so bad!
  12. You look amazing Megs! Not only I am so impressed that you lost that much weight already, but you have so much courage putting yourself out to the world like this just to give us inspiration! I am so grateful, and truly motivated! I only wish I had your courage!
  13. Wow! :nuts: Megs, you look amazing! Congratulations on your progress, awesome job!
  14. You look GREAT Megs! Holy. . .I would kill for your stomach! You go girl! When was that picture in the Post your Picture thread taken? OMG I wish I had your strength :sad:
  15. Megs, it is wonderful of you to share and inspire. You look amazing and I really admire what you have done. I know it's not easy. :smile: