Before and After work out.. what to eat??

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  1. Hey guys i'm really trying hard to do cardio and lose the fat on my stomach...

    but i am so confused as to what i should eat before working out to atleast give myself energy and what to eat after working out????
    i ned some advice.. HELP!
  2. Don't workout on an empty stomach. If you eat something, make sure it's at least an hour before your workout. My friend, who's also a personal trainer recommends drinking some sort of fruit drink (like orange juice) right before.
  3. Both before and after working out, you should eat something with a balance of protein, carbs and good fat. I work out in the morning, before work, so I have a teaspoon of natural peanut butter and a glass of skim milk before I go to the gym. I eat breakfast when I get to work. If I'm going to the gym on the weekends, I usually eat breakfast before - oatmeal mixed with vanilla flavored whey protein powder, walnuts and berries :love:

    If you're lifting weights, make sure you eat something that has a good amount of protein in it after you work out. Maybe a protein shake made with yogurt and skim milk, a protein bar, or a meal containing lean protein. Just make sure that whatever you eat contains a healthy balance of the three (protein, carbs and good fats) :yes:
  4. My mind just spins regarding this topic. I have always been told that when doing cardio, do it first thing in the morning and on an empty stomache. Then eat breakfast after. Everyone has a different opinion as well. (including many different magazines) I have finally told my trainer to just let me do things as I fit them in. I do my cardio when I wake up and I have him (weight training) in the afternoon and that works for me. I have to workout how I want otherwise too many rules make me angry and hate it!
    P.S. Chirstina...LOVE your new avator!! What a beautful cat!!!
  5. I agree & I don't eat immediately after workout, if I have to then something light or i just might pig out using the excuse that I worked out so I can :roflmfao:
  6. This is a myth and a bad one at that.:sad: You NEVER should workout on an empty stomach. However, you don't want to try and workout after eating a 5 course meal either;) Especially when you just wake up. You body NEEDS at the minimum some glucose to give you "fuel". Cristina gave some good tips on what to eat.

    To the OP, just want to make sure you know that even though you are doing cardio you won't necessarily lose the fat in your stomach aea. When you lose fat it gets burned from all areas of your body, not necessarily just your waistline.
  7. Thank you! :nuts: Just got a new digital camera yesterday and BF was playing around with it, snapping pictures of the kitties :love:
  8. Yeah wait at least an hour after you eat to workout...because if you don't your body will be focused on digesting the food in your stomach, not on working out your muscles or burning fat.
  9. I've also been told by trainers to have a cardio workout on an empty stomach whenever possible. I've always done my cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and have been really pleased with the results. As for strength training, I could NEVER do that on an empty stomach. I usually have half a clif bar and some frozen berries before an intense workout with my trainer, and a salad with some protein (tuna, steamed shrimp, grilled tofu) after.
  10. HI Lia !!! ^^

    Here is more info for those who are interested. I stand behind what I wrote earlier. It's not advisable to do cardio on an empty stomach. And as a group fitness innstructor I have seen too many people get faint from doing this. Eat something....a banana, 1/2 a power bar, even some juice, but don't do it on an empty stomach !

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