Before and After Time! (Finally!)

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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my Before and After with you! I love looking at them myself and find them very motivating. Photo on left is after baby #3. I eat a mostly paleo diet but don't deprive myself if I really want something. But, my portions are small and I drink water or unsweetened tea all day. My biggest change is I really stay away from sugar. It's just toxic. I am also avid crossfitter. I love crossfit. I workout 4-5 days a week.

    Think that's it and thanks for letting me share. Best of luck to everyone on the awesome road to health and happiness!

  2. Wow, you look fantastic! Congratulations! I love these before and after photos. They are so motivating!!
  3. Fabulous!!!! I love it, congratulations. I love CrossFit too :smile:
  4. You look fantastic!! Congratulations!
  5. Great job, your transformation is fantastic!
  6. You look amazing! Congratulations and thanks for the motivation!
  7. You look great!
  8. You look fantastic! Thank you for being such an inspiration.
  9. Thanks, ladies!!!
  10. You look great!! :smile: :biggrin:
  11. You look awesome
  12. You look wonderful! Congratulations on your third baby and on your weight loss success. Very inspirational.
  13. WOW!! Great job you look great!!
  14. Fabulous, well done you!! :tup:

    Very motivational :biggrin:
  15. Thanks everyone!