Before and After pics of ink city and cornflower first

  1. I bought both bags in March and the leather has soften up with use but last week I conditioned both bags with the Bally conditioner which made them softer but the really big difference made the apple garde which I used today and massaged the bags with it. It's unbelievable they look and feel like the old leather much thicker and softer, all veins disappeared and there wasn't any discoloration. I didn't use the spray yet because I'm a bit scared but probably will do later today. So here are the pics when I bought them and they were brand new and unworn and the pics from today. I just love them even more and want to sleep on them because they are so soft and squishy:love: :love:

    1. cornflower first before and after
    2. ink city before and after
    cornflower 003.JPG cornialt3.JPG B-bagink2.JPG inkalt5.JPG
  2. Wow Tanja! You can really see the difference! They do look very smooshy!
  3. Mmmm, they both look so squishy and nice. Well done!
  4. I'm just glad I didn't ruin them :smile:
  5. They look great! I need to do that.
  6. WOW! What a huge difference!

    I'l def. try this with my babies...thanks for posting!
  7. Great bags! What Apple Garde product did you use...the "Care" or the "Cleaner"? I need to get some of this...
  8. I used the Care and I just sprayed them to protect them against rain with the spray. This worked fine, too no darker handles. I heard that the cleaner is really agressive and therefor I didn't buy it.
  9. The only thing I've disliked about the 06' leather that was never a problem with my older bags was the thickness of the leather.
    Does it feel thicker now??
  10. Wow, you can really see the difference!!!! I've been holding off on AG - heard conflicting things about it (maybe it's the spray that's been causing some problems for some members' bags) but the conditioner seems nice!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  11. It does feel much thicker now. It feels like totally different leather now not so papery. I keep touching them because I still can't believe it. I think so too that the spray can be a problem because it feels very oily but the conditioner is different and I don't think that it can do any harm. Even though people recommend it for naked vachetta I didn't try it on my LV and I'm not going to because I don't want to take the risk.
  12. I totally agree:yes: After twisting and turning the heck out of my ink city last night, besides the fact it lost every ounce of its shine, there are 0 veins and it is totally thicker. I know, I dont get it, buy Holy Cow am I impressed!:biggrin:
  13. Sounds like an instant food recipe....just add appleguard and stir

  14. Wow - that's really fascinating - I'm glad you posted this.

    I've never tried using the conditioner all over like that. The most I've done is to use it on isolated areas where it looks like there's a scratch or a place where it's more veiny and it always clears it right up without changing appearance. It doesn't seem to change the texture or finish in the one spot though, so I always wondered how it would be using it on the whole bag - I feel the need to experiment now. Thanks!