before and after - my new cut and color!

  1. on a whim, i got my hair cut and colored last week. i had been a hilighted blond for 3 years, and i really don't have the skintone for it, and i wanted something totally different! i also got a GHD iron that i've been using often and i love. i went lots darker, and it's hard to tell from the pics, but there are lots of coppery undertones to the chocolate brown!

    so tell me what you think!
    amanda5.jpg amanda13.jpg
  2. I LOVE this new color on you. I agree it, matches your skin tone more. Looking good girl:tup:
  3. I LOVE IT. It suits you so well. You look HOT woman!
  4. Amazing. Love you new look. Very pretty!!!!
  5. Love the cut and the color! Very pretty girl!
  6. Love it..great change!!
  7. It is PERFECT on you!!!!
  8. it's perfect I love it
  9. you look stunning - the darker suits you so well.
  10. I think you look beautiful... What a chance!
    it's very flattering, Congrats!! You must be getting a lot of complements!! beautiful:tup::tup:
  11. WOW!!!!! What a change! Don't get me wrong, not that you didn't look good before :p You look gorgeous! I love it. The color, the cut, everything. The color suits you perfectly! Ok, I am getting an appointment with my stylist next week!
  12. Oh wow!! That was a fabulous cut and colour on you, amanda! You're rocking your new look, and I'm sure the compliments must be coming fast and furious! ;)
  13. i LOVE it. you are SO gorgeous!
  14. I think the color looks fabulous on you, as does the new cut.
  15. you look beautiful in your before. But you look a natural beauty in the after. :tup: