Before and After Makeup pics! Lets see em!

  1. So I'm about to enter a contest from Everyday Minerals where they want to see you wearing their products and they want you to explain your application process. I ended up taking a before and after pic and it made me think that it might be fun if you gals had the time to show us your before and after makeup pics! I LOVE seeing everyones daily makeup style, so what do you think? I think it'll be fun!:graucho:
  2. Great idea. I would start, but I think I would scare you guys off with my before pic.
  3. lol oh god you should see MINE! I can start when I'm back from work tho, if it'll get the ball rolling. I just love seeing how people usually do their makeup! =D
  4. Please do it people, I will but I don't have my camera right now.
  5. Okay, I'll be the brave one to go first. ;) This one is from Friday night. Nothing fancy, just out for drinks with my boyfriend and a few friends at a very casual bar.


  6. you look great...;)