Before and After Lovinmybags Pre treatment Cream on Rouge Vif

  1. Hi, all! :smile: I applied Pre treatment cream and For Handles Only on my Rouge Vif recently. Here are some before and after pics all taken without flash. The 1st one is close up before treatment and the 2nd in close up post. The 3rd and 4th are pre and post(in that order) in front of the window. 5th and 6th are pre treatment. The last 2 are post treatment.

    I did not notice any change at all after the 1st coat of Pre Treatment dried, but after the 2nd coat dried(I let it dry overnight), I noticed that the subtle veining disappeared and the finish became more matte. The bag is very very very soft and slouchy now. Also, the bag is stuffed in the post treatment pics and empty in the pre treatment shots.
    Closeup leather.jpg Close Up Rouge Vif post Pretreatment.jpg Rouge Vif in front of window.jpg Rouge Vif Post Pretreatment.jpg Rouge Vif in box.jpg Rouge Vif inside on sofa.jpg Rouge Vif full front post pretreatment and For Handles.jpg Rouge Vif in box post pretreatment.jpg
  2. Wow, it looks great! I love a more matte look; the leather is TDF!
  3. Thanks, Pippop! I am really happy with how it turned out. I added the pre treatment and for handles only solely for protection, but I love that the leather looks even nicer afterwards. :heart:
  4. Wow. The bag looks so even and smooth on the after pictures. I just love bbags even more when they are soft, slouchy, and matte. And you just achieved perfection!! Congrats on a job well done.:flowers: :yahoo:
  5. Oh thank you for this post, your bag looks just wonderful! The leather looks amazing! :yes:

    I placed an order last night for this stuff, I hope it works on my bag too.
  6. Beautiful!!!:heart::love:
  7. oh my god your puppy is sooooooooooooooooo cute!
  8. Pupster - that is one gorgeous bag! :love:
    Thanks for sharing your experiment with us. And I agree with mimi...Your puppy is absolutely the cutest! :flowers:
  9. good job, pupster!:heart:
  10. :drool: 0o0o0o it HOTTER!!! :wlae:
  11. WOW what a difference. That is a beautiful bag pupster. :yahoo:
  12. it's like magic!
  13. yowza, i love what the treatment did to your bag pup, gorgey :love:
  14. Thank you sooo much for the compliments, ladies!:heart:
    Cate and Mimi thank you for the sweet words about my new pup! :love:

    Another thing that helped sway me over to treat/protect my bag was what Barbara said about the product having a pH level around the same as that of the leather so it doesn't harm the leather as it protects it. In fact, it is supposed to temporarily bond to the leather fibers(until it wears off in a month--she suggests applying it monthly)to make the leather stronger as well. My bag definitely feels thicker. I will report as to how it wears in a month.
  15. First I have to comment on your new avatar, that puppy is adorable!!!!
    O.k. back to bags, I want to thank you for experimenting with the cream, i am loving what I see as I like the more matte look.