Before and After cleaning my Damier Azur Speedy

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  1. I cleaned my bag using the method that other member use which is Mr Clean magic eraser and apple leather conditioner...
    It took me forever to find apple leather conditioner because Apple polishes site information of shops that have apple leather products are so out dated. So have your conditioner first.

    Before: I have sweaty hands so see that dirty marks

    After: Handles are much more cleaner and lighter

    Warning: If you are going to do it for your speedy please do not rub too much on the leaf part that says louis vuitton.
  2. wow... it really works! Now i have to find Magic eraser and apple conditioner. Thanks for sharing!
  3. wonderful! Good job :tup:
  4. Awesome job! Congrats!
  5. you did a great job! congrats!
  6. hehe thanks guys. My speedy looks very new right now
  7. Wow, I thought people used magic eraser from the art supply store. Thanks for the information.
  8. no no no.. its those ones where you can buy it at grocery stores. It works very good!!
  9. wow! thanks! now i can clean the vacheta of my moca neverfull
  10. Congrats ! You did a great job :tup:
  11. wow what a difference. i'll have to keep this in mind if my handles ever get dirty. thanks for sharing
  12. very very helpful tip!
  13. Wow that looks great! I bought the magic eraser but have been too scared to use it yet. Do you have to have conditioner for afterwards? I don't have any leather conditioner and was going to just use the eraser. Would that be bad?
  14. ooh that's awesome!!!
  15. pictures are really nice lol