Before & After Transformation Photos

  1. Tried a quick search and it didn't yield the results I was looking for. But I am curious if any of you ladies have any photos of before and after make up--or pictures of half a face with makeup and the other half without. I've noticed a few of my friends posting this on instagram and stuff--and I thought it would be a fun idea for a thread. Anyone interested?! I don't want to post my photo on here and be the sole poster!! :smile:

    (please ignore any typos! I am posting from my iphone!)
  2. Bump...
    Im alil curious to :biggrin: before and after and what products you use.. Moisturizer/powder/foundation/shadows/primers ect :smile:
  3. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but seeing as how people value their anonymity on the forums, i doubt many are willing to do so. Especially if it means exposing their less flattering side.

    There are quite a number of taiwanese (or were they korean?) shows which are solely based on this concept though.

    I'd recommend those.

  4. Why not get the ball rolling? Surely you can't expect others to do this if you're not even willing to...? ;)
  5. i'll go!! here's mine from a look i posted in the FOTDS thread :smile:

  6. [​IMG]

    Not a great picture. I think it looks so weird lol. I also had some trouble putting the two pictures together so that it would look like a whole. Anyways, left side is the make-up side and right side is without (apart from some brow powder that had not been removed properly, sorry).
  7. wow! your skin looks amazing :smile:
  8. Just wanted to say that I think you ladies are beautiful both with and without makeup!!! I want to learn how to enhance my beauty with a little makeup.

  9. Both you ladies look amazing with AND without makeup! I like how you both use just enough makeup to enhance your natural beauty without being over-the-top.
  10. Agree with HPoirot - there are a lot of Asian makeup blogs that have focused on before/after shots :smile: if you're curious, try googling "ling luan nini" ("灵鸾妮妮") for pics of a Chinese blogger who is really well known for transformations.

    The explanations are in Chinese, but the photos speak for themselves!! (disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with her or anything, just saw her pics on a tumblr feed and was astounded by how different she can make herself up to be... )

    And I agree with NCGirl, too - both of you look great in the natural and made-up shots! :smile:
  11. Wow... Just wow :shocked:
  12. ^ wow just saw the blog! I cannot believe the transformations!
  13. Those transformations are borderline creepy. She totally changed her look. I've never understood some of the Asian bloggers turning themselves into dolls with makeup, contacts and wigs.

    Neiners and Flsurerfgirl - your transformations look great, fun and natural.
  14. Yeah they're definitely crazy... The contacts and eyelid tape go a long way. I wouldn't advocate anyone actually trying to do this in their everyday lives, but I do think it's really interesting to see what's possible... I agree that the posters above have much nicer, natural pics! :smile:
  15. I love your necklace!!!