Before & After : 06 Origan Twiggy

  1. Here's my pre-and-post-Lubriderm 06 Origan Twiggy:love:
    When I first received the twiggy, I'd actually thought "oh dear....what am I going to do with that" and now YUMMY I can't wait to bring her out!!:yahoo: I didn't lube the bottom of the twiggy, so when I show it to my hubby, I was like " Look! Look! Look at it! See the difference?!!" all hot & excited and hoping to get a similar response.... and there he goes again in a cool & calm manner,:smash: "Yeah. There's a difference, good. Whatever turns you on." The same thing he said about me on the "Purse Forum - Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged":shocked: men...
    Pic10 414w.jpg Pic10 482w.jpg Pic10 410w.jpg Pic10 493w.jpg
  2. Soleil--your Origan look fantastic! It looks so much smoother and softer in the after pics! Woohoo! :biggrin:
  3. I think Origan is a fantastic color, your looks wonderful!
  4. Soo pretty! I'm thinking about doing it to my Origan Twiggy!
  5. oooooo pretty Origan!! it looks fantastic! congrats!
  6. Soleil .... this Origan Twiggy looks AMAZING :yes:! CONGRATS :flowers:
  7. oooooo:huh:OOOh I am so jealous, she's soooo purty!! What a colour and I adore the Twiggy! Congratulations, she's beautiful!

    I wish you well,

  8. WOW- great results!!! I can't believe how much difference Lubriderm makes! She's a true beauty!!!:love: I like the tassles- I didn't lube mine either! LOL
  9. It never ceases to amaze me how different and amazing everyone's bag looks after treating it with Lubriderm. I've mainly stuck with apple guard, but will try the lubriderm next!
    Soleil - your origan twiggy looks fantastic!! :heart: :heart:
  10. Soliel, good job on the lubing! You can really see the difference in the close up pics! Now go and enjoy your newly smooshy origan twiggy!
  11. Origan looks so beautiful now! Congrats! I need to run out and buy some lubiderm this weekend!
  12. Thank you everyone :heart: I am so relieved the post-lube-origan is so different from when I first got it.... otherwise I'd be heartbroken~ :shame:
    I'm bringing her (so my twiggy is a lady:P) out to my little boy's preschool concert this evening :cool:
    Highly recommend the magical Lubriderm Lotion!! Cost me quite a bit though since I have to do mailorder for outside USA, and postage is expensive because I bought a 16oz bottle!!:shocked:
  13. This is beautiful!!! Look at her!!!

    I laughed reading your comments about your hubby! Same over here! :yes: But they love us that way, don't they?
  14. hmm... so Lubriderm is better for conditioning that AppleGarde?

    What about cleaning?? I've only ever used applegarde and it works fine, although sometimes the really bad stains don't come off... how's lubriderm for that?

    p/s:Soleil: SHE"S GORGEOUS!
  15. lol, believe it or not, my husband thinks it's cute that on on TPF :lol:

    p.s. gorgeous bag, soleil, if i haven't already said so!!!