Been waiting for this call...

  1. My first podium order :nuts:

    I know it's old hat to many of you, but to me - OMG!! I'm just thrilled.

    I met a dream SA about 6 months ago - she just phoned and took my first PO ever. What a rush! I know it'll be a year before I see it, but I am SO excited!

    I ordered an indigo box 35 with pall hw. I wanted it lined in raisin chevre with raisin trim, but she said that's a special order and it could take 2-3 years - so I decided the raisin was not that critical - maybe another year. :p

    Backup 2nd order is brighton blue chevre mysore, 35, pall hw.

  2. ^^Congratulations!! I'm EXCITED for you!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. WOOHOO! Katel - that is just awesome and your choice sounds just divine! Congrats & I can't wait to see your new beauty when she arrives! :woohoo:
  5. whoooohoooo! so happy for you!!!
  6. Yeah katel!!! Congrats - can't wait - hope it comes sooner!!
  7. YAY!!! Congrats! Sounds delicious!
  8. Congrats! Both options sound just beautiful.
  9. Very exciting!!! Keep us updated!
  10. Wonderful news! Congratulations!
  11. wow! congrats....the anticipation begins!:graucho:
  12. Just to let you know...your back up order isn't too would be stunning!
  13. We'll be here...waiting with you! Congrats!
  14. Idigo box sounds divine- congrats!
  15. Oooh! Sooo exciting! Congrats!