Been waiting for the mailman for a week now...

  1. I wake up from my nappy at 3PM today and delvered my eBay buy of a the Sig Stripe blue mini skinny and a blue sig stripe demi.

    I open the package. For one the, huge box, 2 loose things in it.

    Pull the demi out and gasp.

    It's FILTHY!

    It's very noticeable and I mean I only paid $90 for both of these combined but they could have listed that there were some stains and dirt!

    The back stripe is filthy and has noticeable dirt marks on it or something.

    The bottom corners are worn and have dirt marks.

    The inside has soom sort of stain.

    It has a funny smell.

    UGH! I was looking forward to this since the day I won it!

    No more buying on eBay!

    What should I do? I'll try to post pictures if I can get them to come out clear.

    has anyone had this happen? What did you on your account? I left them am email saying I don't appreciate a filthy bag and so on and that if it's not cleanable I will leave negative feedback def.


    Do you think it's cleanable and what should I try to clean it with?

    Thanks girls!

    So pissed!:cursing:
  2. If it IS cleanable--- ask for a partial refund for your troubles too!!! :cursing:

    How annoying...

    I'm sorry! :sad:
  3. Christ if you can't clean it up return it for a refund! That's so annoying when they aren't 100 percent truthful about the things they sell. I'm so sorry you were dissapointed!
  4. Yeah I'd doubt they will give it to me...

    Ugh it is annoying.
  5. What a bummer! I won a keyfob on eBay that was listed as new and when I got it, it definitely isn't new and now I'm not even sure it is authentic. But I emailed the seller and told them that it clearly wasn't new as described and would take no less than a 50% refund since after shipping charges it didn't seem worth returning, or I would have to leave negative feedback...within 2 days half my $ was refunded. It doesn't hurt to ask. I hope you can come to some kind of agreement...sorry that happened.
  6. If they refuse to deal with you, file a PayPal dispute and you'll get your money back if you paid with PayPal.
  7. So just ask them if I can get a 50% refund for my troubles?

    Someone type up a message about refunds, and such so I can send it to them! I'm not good with words in moments like this. LOL
  8. I guess it depends on what you paid and what you think they are worth. I only paid $10 so $5 seemed fair to me at the time considering I had already paid $8 shipping and didn't want to waste anymore $ on shipping. This is what I wrote the seller

    "I received the keyfob today and it is definitely NOT new as described in your auction. Rather than leave negative feedback I thought we might work something out. I would except a partial refund of $5 since returning it just isn't worth all the shipping charges.

    Thank you."

    I got the refund within 2 days.
  9. Here's what I said:

    I don't know if you have been getting my emails at the other email address but here's my problem if you haven't. I recieved the demi and mini skinny today and it was filthy looking to me. And it also has a smoke smell.

    Non of which was described in the ad.

    I have tried to clean the marks off the back but they won't come out and also the bottom of the demi on the corners was filthy. I cleaned that to the best of my ability.

    I was to ask if you could insure me a partial refund instead of me leaving neg/nue feedback. I was not aware of the stains or smell and find it rude and misleading that you never mentioned it.

    Please get back to me and we can work something out. Thanks
  10. Also, the ad for the demi does say getnly used but not anything about marks or smoke smell.

    And the mini skinny says new without tags and it has def. been used. The inside had a chocolate mark, smudge in it. And it looks like it has been filled. It doesn't lay flat? If you know what I mean.

    I paid over $80 for these together.
  11. Perhaps something like this...

    "I was very much looking forward to receiving the bag I purchased from you. Thank you for your quick shipping. However, I was somewhat dismayed with the condition of the bag. There were several stains that were not mentioned in the acution listing, as well as some noticible worn spots on the corners. As I mentioned, I really wanted this bag, but probably would not have purchased it in this condition. Since I will have to have it cleaned, would you consider a partial refund? That will avoid both of us having to go through an eBay/PayPal dispute for the bag being significantly not as described. I would be happy to send you pictures of the stains and wear if you would like. Thank you for your consideration."
  12. Yay! that works...

    I'll use it is it ok?


    I'll tweak it a little.
  13. That sounds good Becky - very polite and what you want is clearly stated. I always find it's always good to be as polite as possible. I just had to go through this same type of thing with my Vermillion stripe agenda that was listed as Crimson. I was very pleasant and offered suggestions as to what I wanted to do, we were both understanding of each other's situations, I ended up getting a partial refund, and both myself and the seller left the transaction with positive feedback. :yes:
  14. Sure, no problem...I am happy to ghost write for you!

    Hope it works out...btw, I purchased the same bag in punch for my daughter and it came in with a stain. I used OXY carpet cleaner on a clean white terry wash cloth and just rubbed it on, then wiped with clean water on the same cloth. Came out beautifully...
  15. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope the seller tries to reimburse you for your pain and suffereing (I know it is!). :tdown: