Been using Apple Garde However...

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  1. Hey ladies, I read here somewhere that when Apple Garde is sprayed on to a Bal the drops of water should somewhat slide off. I've been using Apple Garde regularly, like twice a month and there was a time that I have to ran to the car because it's raining. So when I got in, I checked my bag, 'lo and behold! The water was absorbed by the leather, like I didn't sprayed it with AG. I frantically wipe the bag, My bag is a cobalt blue so I really can't tell if it left any marks, so far I guess none.

    But if this continues I'm scared that it will leave marks eventually..So I was like is this normal? Does it really protect our bals?? Will the the drops of water somewhat slide off or not?

    Any opinions?
  2. I personally do not like the spray and didn't really think it did much (except make me really nervous while spraying that it would change the color - and it has slightly sometimes) but I know others say it does help with the rain. Maybe it works better for certain leathers?
  3. Wow... thanks for sharing. I almost wanted to buy AG but the supplier ran out of stock.
    she gave me a "Binly" leather protection lotion instead. (I'll try and let you guys know later)
    But I thought AG has been well received here, a lot of recommendation... and chewing pearls, twice a month is quite frequent, it should had done the trick
    well, I don't really treat my anthracite Work, I let it drizzle in the rain (not during heavy down pour) and it has not problem at all~ it's my tough work horse
  4. That's the thing, spraying it twice a month, but it's still absorbing the water. I read a lot of good feedbacks about AG on their bala but I guess FASHION1 is right it mght work on different leather..

    Though the conditioner works well, not too heavy to the point that your bag looks wet, it has the right consistency.

    Maybe someone had the same experience?
  5. Do let me know after you have tried Binly. I was recommended to use that as well but didn't buy in the end.

  6. hi, I've put it on my rose bruyere PT. I still got a bit of denim transfer on it but it was easily removed with the meltonian cleaner, so I'm not sure if it plays a part there.
    It does give your leather extra shine, so I guess it's good to use on some tired looking leather too :smile:
  7. Can i use colonil waterstop on my City?