Workplace Been unemployed since March... have officially reached my breaking point *vent*


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Dec 27, 2008
This has been the worst few months of my 25yr old existance on this earth... I just need to vent. I'm sorry.

I posted a few times on this board... once a few months ago expressing my frustrations of being unemployed. And another asking some Qs in regards to a new job I got. Well, I got hired for a pretty large company and will be starting at the end of the month (I had my interview about a week and a half ago). Since they have more then 30+ new hires they are sending us for training all at the same time. So basically I got a few more weeks of this. AND I CANT FREAKING TAKE IT ANYMORE... I'M SOOO SICK OF STAYING HOMEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I got laid off from my job in mid March... at the time my boyfriend was having pretty major surgery. So I spent the rest of March staying with him at the hospital and taking care of him at home. I've never been unemployed before... I have worked since I was 15yrs old. I also went to university... at some points I was working 2 and even 3 jobs AND going to school full time. Anytime I ever wanted a new job.. I would just send out resumes and BANG I would get tonsss of calls coming in. I never went even a day being unemployed.

Needless to say I didnt start the job search until early April. My field is Hospitality and Tourism (yet the more admin side to it... including sales). I've worked for airlines, hotels and tour companies in the past. I also have a great deal of admin experience.. I've held receptionist, admin assistant and executive assistant titles as well. I have good experience both employment wise and through my education. I APPLIED EVERYWHERE... and I MEAN EVERYWHERE. By May I got desperate and started applying for simple "admin assistance/receptionist" jobs... aka entry level (jobs that I was holding 5+ years ago). They didnt even call me! I wasted time going to 3 interviews for a simple receptionist position only to find out the employer didnt "understand" why I wanted to work there! WTF?

Anyways, I put out a resume back in April for this one large booking and tour company here in Canada. I got a call back at the end of June. I was interviewed and hired on the spot. They emailed me last week with forms to fill out in regards to my background checks/police checks etc. So I'm in! :yahoo:I'm actually really excited about this position. I really think I would be great at it. And it would be a great stepping stone to what I eventually want to pursue career wise (down the road).

It's just SOOOO hard to be at home! Up until last week my best friend was also home. She just graduated from teacher's college and was looking for a summer teaching position. She got hired last week and now she started this week. All my other friends are busy with their careers... their purchasing their first homes, upgrading their cars andtravelling.
^^^these were all goals I had for this summer until I got laid off. I'm so sad I feel so behind.

I have never had to think twice about money up until now. I completely wiped out my emergency fund (except for a few hundred dollars I have left). I had some repairs that needed to be done on my car (that is paid in full thankfully) and now I'm behind on a few bills. I could ask my parents for money but I havent done that since I was 15 and I wont start now. My Mom has been kind enough a few times to take me to get a mani/pedi with her. ^^I cut out all the luxuries in my life... I dine out a lot less (maybe twice a month now and at the cheapest places)... I get ONE manicure and month and one pedicure a month. I haven't visited the hair salon since March.... I treat myself to Starbucks still (my addiction) but only their brewed coffee (cheapest). And the best part? I HAVE NOT SHOPPED SINCE MARCH! Since MARCH I have spent $38 on clothing! (I was at Urban Outifitters one days and found a cardigan for $25 and a pair of gladiators for $12!) THATS IT! I know I sound high maitenance but seriously, this is hugeee for me!^

I think on the bright side this taught me HOW to live frugally. Before, I felt I "NEEDED" a new LV bag every few months... that I "NEEDED" to reward myself w/ Tiffany's or a new pair of Christian Louboutins:graucho: I think when I have a job it will be much easier to save money. B/c I know how to live more frugally now. (I am allowed a hugee shopping trip once I start working right??:graucho:). I have found ways to cut back and save up. I'm so worried about being behind on some bills. But thankfully I know I will have a pay cheque in the next few weeks.

I spend my days inside... sometimes I sit in my yard and suntan with my shih tzu. I take my dog on long hikes. I go rollerblading. I'll take my laptop to Starbucks and enjoy free internet and an coffee for awhile. I watch all my soaps (a highlight of my day). ^I have been in a shopping mall probably twice since March! But it's just such a disconnected feeling from the world. I resent some of my friends who say "I envy you" or "Ughh Im sooo busy at work!" or "My boss __________". I cant wait to care about work and my job again.

I guess another part why I'm down is that my dbf of 6 years and I broke up. I wrote about him in the relationships and family forum. He's never been good at money or holding a job but he's the sweetest man on earth. And once I got laid off we started to fight about money. I guess I resented him b/c anytime he ever needed $20 here or there I could give it to him. We split things 50/50. And now that I was unemployed I felt like he couldn't even help me out. And at least 60%+ of the time my ex was out of work... I dont know how he did it. I never really thought it was true that the #1 thing couples fight about is money. But thats def true! We still talk and stuff but this has made me realize that although MY JOB & FINANCES allowed me to live the lifestyle I wanted... my ex is living a different one and has no ambition or goals. Currently, he's working for someone under the table... not steady... just a few days here and there. We have been together since I was 18... it made me realize that my long term goals and ambitions are mine and not his. I cant change someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

So I guess between the lonliness, being broke and feeling left out of the world... I'm hanging in there. I feel that this is the lowest... I cant go any lower. Hopefully things will change during the next few weeks....

Thanks for letting me vent I appreciate it....:smile:
Oct 30, 2006
No problem! I remember your other threads. Congratulations on your new job!!! You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and I wish you the best. (Just on a side note: I think you did the right think breaking up with your boyfriend). You CAN find someone who is on the same page as you moneywise and you don't have to fight with them all the time. I dated someone kind of similar to your ex and married someone mature and responsible and we hardly ever fight about money because we are on the same page, generally.
Nov 11, 2009
Things happen in life fore a reason... maybe you'll understand them one day, maybe u won't... but see all these experiences as a stepping stone for something better in the future... When one door closes, another one opens up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much blessings your way.. and always keep your head up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your new job:woohoo::happydance::tup:


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Jan 12, 2007
It's time to be excited about your new job! That's great!

With Admin jobs, it's iffy. I had no full time reception experience and got my job last summer. A lot of places want to mould people to their specifications these days.


Sep 2, 2007
After hitting rock bottom, you can only go up. Everything happens for a reason and it takes a big event to see a person's true colors. I was in a relationship similar to yours with an ex. Everything was fine until we started to talk about money. I met him when I was 18 and been on and off with him since but I finally cut him out of my life a year ago. The first few months are hard but after that you see the big picture and start to focus on yourself and your own goals that you want to accomplish for yourself. The new job is the beginning of the new and improved you and I wish you the best of luck. Keep hanging in there and know that things will only get better.


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Feb 23, 2007
You've got a great head on your shoulders and an amazing work ethic. Wish other people were like you! Your frustration is understandable...I hate being idle as well...but it is soon over. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures (or your reveals, when you have extra spending money, LOL)!

P.S. you don't sound high maintenance to me. Your idea of "treating yourself" is beyond reasonable for someone in your position. Starbucks brewed as a treat? 95% of coffee drinkers think that is an absolute necessity!


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Feb 14, 2008
You are obviously very very intelligent. People can go a lifetime and never realize some of the things you have realized at 25. Kudos.

When your new job starts, you'll be back on track. Don't feel too bad about your ex-bf. These things happen for a reason- to serve as learning experiences.