been two weeks almost =[

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  1. Where is my item from rebecca lou??? =[
  2. What didya order?
  3. Have you emailed her?
  4. she originally sent an email to not ask about transit times =[

    I'm a bit sad cause her shipping and let trades shipping prices are both like $30 but I get let-trades in 3 days =[
  5. wtf :wtf: Why? That's not very nice :hysteric:
  6. well it is international, if she didn't use express mail this is normal wait time, especially with the holiday... I'd email her anyways, two weeks is quite some time.
  7. Depending on where you are and customs, that might be what the hold up is.
  8. ive had custom hold ups before bleh annoying :S
  9. I thought the US was very lenient on customs. But its okay I have a lot of LV items coming infrom everywhere LOL
  10. Hope it comes soon!! Nothin worse than waiting!!!
  11. well..she uses royal mail shipping..not trackable only sign for. I hope you will get your item soon .I am waiting for mine as well..I hope it will arrive sometime this month.
  12. That is part of the reason that I don't like to buy from internationals. Last time I had to wait for 17 days for my package that was sent from UK.
    Hope your package be here soon:smile:
  13. Rebecca waits a few days to a week for payments to clear, or to make sure your payment is not fraudulent. I believe she does that for ALL buyers.

    If you read her auctions, you should see:
    "Due to a significant increase in the number of PAYPAL chargebacks through receipt of 'fraudulent' funds, I will now no longer post items immediately for overseas bidders. Items will be held to allow PAYPAL to advise if I am in receipt of fraudulent funds. "

    After she confirmed that my package was sent, I received it within a week.

  14. I have a feeling it's not on her end, but on the onslaught of packages coming through customes right now.
  15. I've waited over two weeks to get parcels sent airmail from overseas so hopefully your parcel is still on it's way. Plus things take much longer in the mail at this time of year.