Been to vegas lately...then i need u :)

  1. So i must know, have you seen my future baby???

    I know i can just order online or on the phone, but im one of the wierd ones that LIVES for shopping in the store!!! :smile:

    And after seeing the stripes, i decided i MUST have this, the...Antigua Striped Navy Cabas MM!!!
    striped bag.jpg
  2. MM would be a perfect size :biggrin:
  3. hehe thanks....i didnt LOVE the other color combos but this one just speaks to my heart (its going thud thud thud haha)

    but i need to know if the stores have them in STOCK!!!! hehe Im going to vegas in a few weeks and I want it to be on my every evolving shopping list!! haha
  4. That bag is soo cute! I hope you're able to find one in Vegas. You can always call 866-VUITTON and they can do a search of the Vegas boutiques to let you know which has the Antigua Striped MM ;)
  5. If you are not sure if they are in vegas call 1-866-vuitton.
  6. thanks guys...i guess in the back of the mind i knew that but i wanted to know the answer now LOL! haha and according the website the lines are closed

    haha man why am i so impatient!!! i cant wait to get that little sucker in my hand!
  7. If you can get one in the store I'd do it. I didn't happen to remember seeing this one there though when I was there.
  8. ^^^

    FYI--the pic you posted is not the MM , its the PM. I only point this out because you are interested in the MM, and the PM handles are really short, meant for hand carry. I have the PM.
  9. hehe thanks i got excited n posted the wrong bad!

    thanks guys! man i hope its there!