Been to RHODE ISLAND? Opinions needed...TIA!

  1. Hi, my parents and I are going to Rhode Island next week for a couple of days and I have a few questions I was hoping to get answered...TIA!

    1) Is jewelry applicable to RI sales tax? I know clothing isn't, but does jewelry count as clothing?

    2) Which beach in Newport is better? Gooseberry or Eastons? Or is there another you can suggest? Are those beaches usually crowded?

    3) Is Oakland beach clean, a good beach? How crowded does it usually get?

    THANKS SO MUCH! This helps me out a LOT! :tup:
  2. No one from Rhode Island or have visited there??
  3. I'm from Mass...but I've been to Newport many times.

    I've gone to Easton Beach a couple times. It is nice - at the beginning of the cliff walk so the view is pretty good and it is pretty close to restaurants, etc. Can get crowded though. My biggest complaint is that sometimes there is a lot of seaweed in the water depending on the tide. I went last summer and it was everywhere - couldn't really enjoy the water because of it....and its not normal seaweed. It is red and sticks to you - looks like you have blood all over you. But I've gone other times and haven't seen any seaweed.

    Another beach that I went to a couple years ago was Sachuset Beach - also called Second Beach. You might want to check that one out if the Easton Beach has lots of seaweed. I haven't been to Gooseberry yet but probably will at some point this summer.

    Hope that helps....have fun!
  4. I've been to RI (Coventry) and West Warwick & Warwick but don't know anything about the questions you asked!
  5. Tax is applicable on Jewelry

    Gooseberry is a private family beach
    Eastons is more to take a walk or play catch
    Second beach is the one you want to go too!

    Please, please, please don't anyone take offense. let's just say don't go to oakland beach

  6. Thanks! That answered a lot of my questions...
    and if you dont mind me asking, what's wrong with oakland beach? its a half hour drive from our hotel, so if its really that bad, im not going to bother... :tdown:
  7. i really want to take a trip next year to RI
  8. ^^ My dad is dragging us along because he has a friend there, but I'm actually pretty excited to go!

    Has anyone been to Goddard Park - the one with the beach in Warwick? If so, do you recommend it? TIA!
  9. no, no, no,

    Goddard park is nice to walk your dog or exersise or whatever. But don't come to RI and make that a
    destination. Narragansett town beach is beautiful too but if you go to newport you can walk around the shops and stuff. Oakland beach is umm. I don't want to sound pretentious so we'll just leave it at that.
  10. for night time you also may want to check and see if there is a waterfire going on in providence. It's awsome. You could go to the providence place mall, than as it gets dark there are fires lit up all along the river along with music and things.
  11. ^^ Ah, yes I checked the WaterFire schedule and unfortunately, there aren't any lightings while we're in town....but my mom and I are making our first stop Providence Place Mall since it's only 5 minutes from our hotel. :p

    Thanks for the advice about Goddard Park and Oakland beach...I'm so glad I asked tPFers about many people have warned me against Oakland thanks a lot!! Instead, we're just going to head to Wrentham Village outlets in MA :graucho:
  12. If you do go to Godard Park you can go horseback riding. I went a couple of weeks ago, $30/hour. You can go all through the woods and there is even an area w/ocean view.
  13. ^^ That sounds like SO much fun! And a pretty good price for a "once in a summer" experience! Thanks!!!
  14. Hi!! I'm from RI!!!! I live only 10 minutes from where you'll be staying!

    Now, yes, stay away from oakland beach as it sucks. The beaches in Naraganssett are the best beaches in RI. The ones in Newport are okay, but small. Last Saturday, they came on the radio to tell people not to go to the beach cause they were all full! We've never had that happen before! LOL!

    Wrentham Village is awesome and only about a 40 min. drive from Providence. There are great restaurants all over providence. If you want to go to t a park to just picnic or relax...Beavertail State Park is beautiful and really clean.

    If you need anything else...please pm me!!