Been out of the MJ loop awhile Need Advice

  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum and have been out of the MJ loop a while. I'm curious how much max I should pay for original Stellas with buckles as well as Sophia originals with buckles. Can someone give me a pricerange that these have been going for on Ebay - mint condition ones. I'd appreciate your advice so much. Thanks!!!
  2. 500?
  3. Would you be interested in Black/White Stella & Sophia Limited Edition? They are more than 50% off now at Neiman Marcus, there were a few Black Sophia (reduced to low $400USD) at Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California) location. Their number is 949.759.1900, ask for Tiffany in Handbags.
  4. they still have the balcks?
    last time i called, they said they only had white stella left.
  5. Only saw 3 Black Sophias there on Friday; haven't seen Black/White Stella & White Sophia for a while.
  6. did you see how much they are?
  7. The original Stellas used to go for $1200 every day of the week,
    before that place was flooded by all the fakes.

    Today I would think $600 - $700 would be an average price.
    They are quite rare and lovely. The leather is much higher
    quality than the LE reproductions.