Been MIA from Coach for awhile and need help from you experts!

  1. So I went in to Coach the other day to look around and really liked the smaller Coach Chelsea in the brown signature - is this called chocolate or brown? It was dark brown sig but with a third color mixed in, a creamish gold color. Anyone have a link to the bag I am talking about, if I am even making sense? Thoughts on this bag? I am normally not a sig fan but I want a bag that will hold up a bit better then leather for running around with the kids.

  2. I believe you are talking about the Chelsea OPTIC hobo....GREAT bag!!!!!
  3. Well, I am not sure so that a signature purse will hold up better than a leather purse with the kids. For sticky hands is it easier to wipe off a leather purse or signature?
  4. Either the optic! Or the new colors for the studded gallery totes or the legacy shoulder bag! ^^;
  5. was it optic? a hobo? what kind of bag? I have a signature chelsea hobo and I LOVE her!!!! :tup:
  6. Thanks everyone. Must be the optic b/c it wasn't just brown, it had other color in it, sort of golden/cream colored C's too, as well as the brown. I know it was a Chelsea for sure.
  7. Is it either one of these? Small optic hobo and small optic flap:
    10990_SVCH-1_d2.jpg 10992_SVCH-1_d2.jpg
  8. I think it's the first one, though in real life the C's didn't look so 'bright' ...
  9. that's probably the one...i feel like the pictures on do not truly represent the colors of the actual chocolate optic...i have the satchel in khaki and i thought it would be tough to take care of but actually it's been pretty easy...i've had it since june and it still looks brand new
  10. Thanks girls!!
  11. Yeah, I agree... the optic does not look near as nice online.. the c's stand out a lot more... I saw that optic line irl and LOVED the satchel.. it's beautiful!!! :tup: