Been MIA and need help identifying a bag ...

  1. I recently saw a Coach bag at Dillard's with a brown, cream, and green signature print ... what is this called and what styles did it come in? Thanks!!
  2. This is the summer Scarf Print and it came in a tote, a large tote and a "small hobo" (demi). All of which are sold out except the Small Hobo, which should be in outlets soon :yes: hope this helps!
  3. Very cool - thank you! Anyone have a pic of the small hobo? I think I might LOVE that!
  4. THANKS girls!
  5. Check the Miromar Coach outlet for it. It should be showing up there. (I used to live/work in Bonita Springs :yes:)
  6. Oh wow, you are great, and you live quite close to me! Thanks again.
  7. it also came out in a Coach store still has it.
  8. ^^You're right, it did. I think our 3 swingpacks we received, sold in like the first week. LOL.

    and Cheekers, I used to live close to you :cry: I moved away. I miss it terribly. I worked right off 41 and Bonita Beach Road, though. Used to hit Miromar almost every day at lunch... Off 5th is the best store EVER!
  9. Oooo I will look for a pic of that too! Thanks.
  10. I LOVED this in the tote, so pretty. Somehow I resisted temptation...