Been lurking....finally ready to introduce myself

  1. Hello all. I have been lurking for a few weeks. I've enjoyed looking at everyones lv. My love of hand bags started really early. I've had coaches & dooney's in the past but never lv. I adore lv. :love: I have been searching the forums trying to decide what my first purchase should be.

    I'm torn between the speedy 30 and batignolles horizontal. I'm concerned that the speedy is hand held. I've always carried a shoulder bag. My concern with the bh is that it may be too big for everyday casual use. I dress casually most of the time. I'm 5'4 if this helps.

    I am open to suggestions......... Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to the PF! I say go to the BH. I'm not a handheld type of girl. I need long straps.
  3. I say BH too.

    And welcome!
  4. :flowers: welcome to the forum too. if you are a shoulder bag person then get the BH.
  5. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. the Speedy 30 sags more than the 25, plus it's a handheld bag. i'm more into shoulder bags.
  6. I am a shoulder bag person and I have the BH. I love it!!! I might get a speedy sometime in the future but not right now. Go for the BH!!!! Oh and welcome to the forum!!
  7. hi and welcome! :smile:

    another vote for the BH!
  8. I'd go for the BH too. Welcome, welcome!!
  9. While I LOVE the speedy (I have a 30), I find that the handheld is a pain at times! Mostly, I love a handheld bag, but understand the shoulder bag need!
    The BH is a nice bag, love the shape, but it doesn't work well for me, since I really need a zippered top, but if that isn't an issue, I say BH all the way!!
    The speedy could be a great "Second purchase" bag! LOL!!
  10. WELCOME to the PF!!!! Your gonna love it. How about the new Mono Lockit??
  11. Welcome to PF..I don't think BH is too big for everyday can check out visual thread.I think Sandra and other ladies have this bag...
  12. Welcome!!
    I'm 5'3 and the BH is one of my everyday bags :smile:
  13. Welcome,

    I have a BH and love it. I do wish it had a zipper though.
  14. Welcome! I suggest the BH too especially if you like shoulder bags more
  15. Welcome!:flowers: